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  1. jay1

    Lcr brembos

    Hi was just wondering if gsf or euro car parts sell the leon cupra r 4 pot brembo caliper mounts as it was a standard part from that car? Can seem to find it on there site
  2. jay1

    Wobble bolts

    Hi I'm looking at buying a set of 18" team dynamics pro race 1.2 only thing is they are 5x98 and my s3 is 5x100 I have read wobble bolts can go 2mm up or down so I'm guesing they will fit has anyone fitted 5x98 wheels before or used wobble bolts as I'm sure I've read bad things about them in the...
  3. jay1

    Audi s3 brembo cupra r calipers

    Hi I have just bought some seat Leon cupra r brembos and was wondering if the standard banjo bolts from an 8l s3are a direct fit if not what thread and pitch do I need to get? Also if they are s3 ones what is the size of them as I will get new ones thanks in advance
  4. jay1

    Just a quick one

    v plate 8l s3 hi just a quickie my radiator fan keeps coming on and off around every 30seconds from cold as soon as I start it I assume its a thermostat or something I replaced my coolant stat about 6 months ago the temp in the car still sits at 90 degrees when running so just wanted to know if...
  5. jay1

    Anyone know what this is??

    Did the n249 bypass and found this the wire snapped car runs fine tho its the little black box just In front of the coil pack
  6. jay1

    Haldex powertrack insert ??

    Has any one heard of this and does it work it claims to give 50/50 power front to rear surly can't be that easy?? Heres the ad Dear customers! We developped, created and are now selling the Powertrack Insert for more than a year now with only good comments so far! Thank you for your interest...
  7. jay1

    Revo sps3

    Hi everybody quick question I have bought a revo sps3 controller as I planned to get a revo stage 1 in the near future was just trying it in my port on the car expecting nothing to happen but it immobilises the car on the anti theft setting and switching between stock and performance and high...
  8. jay1

    Anyone in Bedfordshire or surrounding areas that would be kind enough to scan my car?

    Hi as above really I have a code reader which is giving me no codes now I had a camshaft position sensor fault which I have now sorted. The thing is the car has started juddering when accelerating the clutch does need replacing as its been slipping but only in high gears so still been driving it...
  9. jay1

    Someone help please!!!!

    I have had a fault regarding my camshaft position sensor I have now changed this and still have the same problem it's fine when it's cold as soon as the car has warmed up it's running rough at high revs it seems Fine ish but if I drive it at lower revs it's very hesitant and almost feels like...
  10. jay1

    Cam shaft position sensor fault????

    Hi recently my car has been making a loud clicking noise under acceleration since I did a 30 min track day at silverstone now seems down on power so I scanned it and got the code 17746 camshaft position sensor g40 open or short to plus. Ticks over fine when I googled it a lot of the results...
  11. jay1

    Can anyone tell me what this does?

    Found this pipe and noticed a hissing sound since I have owned the car I have thought the clutch was slipping it has never got any worse but was definitely slipping the hose in question had a split in it so I put the larger peice with the 2 jubilee clips on and it sealed it up nice took it up...
  12. jay1

    Abs problem???

    As above took my misses 8l a3 1.8t round the block earlier and it felt like I hit something the car without touching the brake seemed to brake really violently and I nearly went through the wind screen!! I think I have heard of this before isit due to either a sensor or the abs ring on the back...
  13. jay1


    Everyone enjoying the snow? My first experience with the s3 and snow and the thing seems to go up anything well impressed with it was out in mk yesterday and the only 2 cars in the car park!!
  14. jay1

    Black Mk2 8l s3 ****zwl

    As above keep seeing in Woburn Bedfordshire near where the mountain bikers all go in layby flashed me once and yesterday was behind me for a few miles I put my hazards on as it pulled off and again he flashed just wondered if any one on here??
  15. jay1

    Yokohama parada spec 2

    Just bought a set of the above I have heard they are real good looking at doing a track day at silverstone in feb so was just wondering if any one had used them and what they thought of them??
  16. jay1

    Cruise control issue

    My s3 has cruise fitted but has never worked I have checked the switch on the clutch pedal with a continuity tester and it makes and breaks like I guess it should I don't have any fault codes relating to it I guess there is also a switch on the brake pedal if that's ok where else should I look...
  17. jay1

    Another fault code!!!!

    Scanned my car earlier and under awd got the code 01155-132 kwp1281 clutch sporadic mechanical fault. I have googled it and it seems to be a haldex problem I saw on one site other than fuses and earth straps the abs sensors could also cause it? The other day it snowed and my rear wheels were...
  18. jay1

    My s3 what to do next???

    I bought my mk1 s3 back in the summer I was working away in Scotland and thought I would treat myself in the form of an s3 210 bhp full service history having always liked them and having an s3 rep with 150bhp and never actually driven an s3 not for the want of trying stopping at many...
  19. jay1

    Brembo brake question

    I have seen some Mitsubishi evo 8 calipers and was wondering if they would fit my 8l s3 and what modification I would need to do??? they are Center to Center bolt hole spacing is 157mm for the fronts and 140mm for the rear.Thanks im at work today and can't measure them
  20. jay1

    Help with a fault code???

    I scanned my car today and came up with this fault code 16795 secondry air injection system incorrect flow detected p0411 Anyone know what it means?? Thanks