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  1. J10NMM

    Maps update costs

    Has anyone updated recently? how much?
  2. J10NMM

    Mirror Glass

    Right then, has anyone experienced their mirror glass just falling off? Today driving to work my passenger side one just fell off but as I was on a dual carrigway I couldn't stop to pick it up. Then on the way home whilst sat at some traffic lights the drivers side fell off. I've found that...
  3. J10NMM

    Auto gear shifters

    Auto boys, show us your gear shifter
  4. J10NMM

    Reversing Camera

    ANyone had one retrofitted? How much did it cost?
  5. J10NMM

    Rear diffusers

    Anyone fitted a new style rear diffuser to their avant? looking at what is currently out there?
  6. J10NMM

    The Black Edition

    Spent the day in the sun and opted for something to brighten up the wheels
  7. J10NMM

    Carista OBD2

    Who else has one and what do you think? For those that don't know - This What options do you recommend setting?
  8. J10NMM

    Paddle shift extenders

    who has them? what kind? any good?
  9. J10NMM

    What's your Fuel Comsumption

    So what does everyone get? List the model - 2.0 / 3.0 ltr Driving mode - Sport / dynamic / efficiency / comfort Type of journey - city / motorway / mixed etc etc..
  10. J10NMM

    Washer Jets

    So my washer jets are 4g0955988 and looking at some on ebay they state they are the fan type but mine with the same number are most definitely now fan.... What codes have yours got if you have the heated fan style?
  11. J10NMM

    Extended warranty

    Is it worth it? Mines due in the next week but is it worth it? The car has 28k on it... Who took it out?
  12. J10NMM

    MMI Scroll Wheel

    Is there any way of changing the direction in which you use it? It's backwards currently scroll anti clockwise to go down and clockwise to go up? who does that?
  13. J10NMM

    My Audi APP

    What options does it give you with a C7? When I popped into Stoke audi the sales rep said it's only for newer models but I keep seeing people post about using it with their C7's
  14. J10NMM

    So this happened yesterday!

    Driving to work and this happened, Owned the car for less than 3 weeks (dealership bought) Current drivers side wheel Passengers side It went with a bang. I've been messed about something rotten today by the original dealership even though my local one tried to help out they couldn't as...
  15. J10NMM

    C7 modifications

    So what have you modified on yours?
  16. J10NMM

    MyAudi app

    right then so I downloaded the app, put in my vehicle details (2016 A6 avant) and it said that I needed to call the garage for them to register the car and activate it. So I popped into my local garage Stoke Audi and they said unless it's a new vehicle it doesn't work.. Since then I've read...
  17. J10NMM

    New to Audi

    So I picked up a 2016 A6 Avant Black Edition ultra just over a week ago with 26k on it.. 600 miles later and I’m loving it! It was an early birthday present to myself and “why not” purchase after not being able to drive for the last 18months due to suffering a stroke last year.
  18. J10NMM

    Number plates

    what style of plates are you running and where did you get them from?
  19. J10NMM


    What are you all running? Looking at replacing the bridgestones 235/35/20