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    Looking at buying an 2007 a4 2.0 tdi sline

    Hi im looking at buying a a4 s line in the next few days. This will be my 1st diesel car. Anthing to look out for? Mileage on it is at 99.5k and says it has full service history. I have checked old mots and its only failed twice on tyres back on 2010 and 2015. I currently have an s3 8l which is...
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    Recaro seats tilt and slide

    Been a while now since my seats stopped sliding forward when i tilt them. Ive checked the bowden cable holder and that is intact. But the metal end on the cable is gone. Anyone know what i can fit to make these work again? Ive been looking on here but all the pics are gone now and i can find...
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    Earth points

    Hi. Does anyone know where all the earthing points are in the engine bay?. Have an issue which is causing me an abs fault but checked all sensors on vcds and they are working fine. Also i have some leds in my headlights that need an app to turn them on bit after a drive around they would turn on...
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    ABS Fault

    Hi got some faults with my car. Been reading up that it could be an earth issue causeing the faults but not sure. Seemed to have popped up around a month after having mt gearbox swapped. I thought it was down to a faulty abs sensor frome having a seized rear caliper which i have changed. Had the...
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    For Sale S3 8l rear bumper

    Hi im after a rear bumper in red for my 8l as mine is cracked. In good condition closer to preston the better. Cheers
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    new turbo help

    Hi all. Need abit of help. In need of a new turbo. My car is a facelift s3 with the bam engine which is the k04 turbo. What part number am i looking for. I have found one with k04-023 but there is another part number after that. The price is £160. Is that the right price?. Can only afford a...
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    oil loss problem

    Hi all. Slight problem with my s3 its got 171k on the clock and its losing oil. There is no smoke on startup or on boost and no signs of an oil leak. Ive checked the water and its clear. Not sure what else to check. Think ive added just over 1ltr in less than a month. Any ideas on what it...
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    engine light is on :(

    While i was working yesturday got a text off the other half saying the engine light has come on and its drinking fuel. Im unable to get it connected to vcds for a week yet so ive done a check on the torque pro app i have on my phone and this is what has popped up Is this the lambda sensor...
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    few probs with my s3

    Hi guys got a few problems with my s3 as of yesturday. It all started with having no brake lights at all. Fixed that with a new brake light switch. Now my car doesnt wsnt to start. Cant unlock car with central locking as there is no power. Put ignition on an no lights, put a starter pack on and...
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    Weird heating prob

    my s3 has been playing up lately running like crap and bad mpg slowly getting through the list of stuff i need to do to fix it and now this has happened, basically if my heating is on in the car the car doesnt get to temp on the dash but the heating is warm, as soon as i turn the heating off the...
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    Aerial amp broke

    hi, my aerial on my car is nakerd, can only get 3 radio stations just wondering would this aerial work?
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    nakerd breather system

    Had a smoke test done on the s3 on friday and turns out the pipes under the inlet have broke apart causing oil to go over the engine. With this broke would it cause boost issues and bad mpg? Will be fitting a catch can to it end of the month once i have all the parts
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    HElP, Cambelt change

    hi all, cambelt seriously need changing on my s3, anyone in the northwest handy at doing them if i get all the parts? dont really want to tackle it myself as i will end up fecking something up. hope someone can help will pay for your troubles cheers
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    multipul problems with my BAM S3 :,(

    well as of a few days ago i now have a whiney car, so got a feeling the PAS pump is on its way out :( as i think i have a problem with my turbo too, as had the car on idle last week and noticed some smoke coming out of the engine bay looked around and couldnt find where it was coming from untill...
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    random alarm problems

    hi all my alarm on my s3 is playing up, ive had a search but couldnt find anthing :( basically my alarm doesnt go off if i lock my car while sat in it wait abit and they shake the car from inside, but if me or the other half are driving it will get some beeps from the boot then the alarm will go...
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    real bad mpg

    Ok need some help guys. its doing my head in now and im close to getting rid and getting my celica back out. getting about 66miles to £20 which is shocking. thats around town driving like a granny. should be getting more than that surely. serviced it last week. checked for leaks amd i cant find...
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    dodgy temp gauge

    howdo, as of last week my temp gauge doesnt seem too happy, seems to stay at 60 for a good while then will go to about 75 after a while then will drop down again, the heating in the car works fine and it hot, change the temp sensor today and it still does it, is the next thing to change the...
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    boost problem?

    howdo, not sure whats going on, theres no faults on the ecu (had them checked the other week) but now and again when i get into boost it will boost up fine but then as i lift off the accel it feels like it boost again and the car will jerk, got the torque app set up as a temp boost gauge (i know...
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    anyone with vcds in the northwest?

    howdo. could anyone around preston or manchester do me a favour and plug my car in and search for some codes getting a few running probs that come and go which i would like to sort and also need my headlights re aligning as there shocking at night and are aiming low. hope someone can help...
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    custom exhaust

    done a search but couldnt find an answer, thinking of getting a custom exhaust for my s3 somepoint next yr, but im wondering what would be best, turbo or cat back and 2.5"-3" diameter? not sure, the power i wont to achieve eventually would be arount 400bhp give or take but that wont be done...