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  1. Ian W

    Arch Liner - Wheel Arch Securing Screw Part Number?

    Trying to buy the screw for this bit of the arch liner but can't find the part number, can anyone help?
  2. Ian W

    Do you daily your S3?

    Just wondering how many of us daily our S3's? I do, bought it to daily and intend to keep it that way for as long as possible
  3. Ian W

    Front Drive Shaft Nut Size?

    Morning, I went to fix my inner CV at the weekend and realised my 2001 S3 has a nut on the end of the drive shaft rather than a bolt. Can anyone confirm what size socket is required? Thanks
  4. Ian W

    Post CAT lambda part number

    Does anyone have the part number for the post cat lambda sensor? Thanks
  5. Ian W

    Does anyone go to the dealer for service items?

    I want to give the S3 an oil change next week, I use Quantum Longlife. Back when I had my last 1.8T I used to go to TPS but that no longer seems to be possible. Am I mad going to a Audi dealer for oil and a filter? Can't find a genuine filter online I don't really like ordering from random...
  6. Ian W

    Central Locking Not Working + Strange Noise from the boot area

    Came out to my car at lunch, pressed the keyfob and the lights flashed but the doors didn't unlock, had to use the key in the door to open it up. When I try and lock / unlock from inside the car using the fob I can hear a rumbling noise from the back - likely to be the pump? Best course of...
  7. Ian W

    Post CAT Lambda - Socket Size?

    I need to remove my post cat lambda from my factory cat in preparation for fitting a 3" system. Can anyone confirm the size of socket I need? Thanks
  8. Ian W

    Cat to Backbox Pipe / Box Delete

    Currently running a 3" system on my S3 that I am removing in favour of the original one. I have the factory downpipe and cat and I am retaining the Miltek bacbox but I am missing the middle section. Does anyone know if you can buy an off the shelf pipe without the silencer? Thanks
  9. Ian W

    Golf MK4 Aero Wiper Setup Problem

    Hi, I have fitted a set of aero arms from a MK4 Golf but I have an issue in which the passenger wiper hangs over the windscreen seal? The wiper blades aren't genuine Audi items (came with the arms) but I *believe* they are the correct size? Drivers side is 21" and passenger is 19". Looking...
  10. Ian W

    Power Steering Cooler Pipe Replacement

    Has anybody used an aftermarket power steering pipe? Mine appears to have sprung a leak so i'm looking to replace asap. I can see non genuine brand new items available. Is a piece of pipe work much better if it comes in a VAG group bag? :whistle2:
  11. Ian W

    Android Torque / Bluetooth Connector

    Just been reading about Android Torque and sounds like a handy tool. Can anyone confirm that it will read and clear fault codes on the S3? Do I need any specific ODB2 BT connector or will anyone from Amazon do the job? Thanks :redrs4:
  12. Ian W

    TPS Alternative?

    Hi, Unless it has changed, back in 2018 when I had my previous S3, TPS stopped serving the general public. Is there any online alternatives to visiting the dealer? Never been an enjoyable experience trying to explain to the parts chap what I need and why I am keeping a 20 year old Audi on the...
  13. Ian W

    Standard Head Unit Help Please

    Hi, Hoping someone can assist with a couple of head unit issues I am having, head unit is a single din Audi Concert in a 2001 Facelift S3. Previous owner had fitted an after market double din, when I got the car, the only fault seemed to be that I had no radio reception, I pulled the HU out...
  14. Ian W

    Back in S3 number 4!

    In another moment of madness I decided I wanted another S3 and so I went ahead and sold my Focus ST and bought another 8L S3, looked about and was surprised with the prices, seemed to be cheap money pits or pretty expensive sorted examples, hopefully in learning lessons from the past I decided...
  15. Ian W

    Radiator Fans

    Following on my temperature issues thread, I checked my fans out last night.. The fan to the right (cambelt side) was spinning no problem however the fan on the gearbox side was dead, had the aircon running and nothing was happening - which is which? Should they both be spinning up? Best place...
  16. Ian W

    Strange Temp Issues - S3 Running Hot

    Noticed a strange issue on my car on the drive home from work yesterday. Temp gauge on the dash is rising to 100 when i'm doing a steady drive, once I slow down it drops back to 90. Looking at C49 on the climate control, it's running around 112 - 118. Checked the obvious things, all coolant...
  17. Ian W


    Is it possible to still buy OEM mats? Failing that, any recommendations for an alternative?
  18. Ian W

    Headlight Adjuster Clips

    Both my xenons have had the motors removed at some point and the little clip that the ball goes in to have snapped :( Is it possible to buy these new? Can they be fitted without stripping down the headlights?
  19. Ian W

    Keep on getting static shocks...

    Strange one but I keep on getting a static shock every time I get out my S3, doesn't happen on my other cars so I'm blaming the S3... Any thoughts on what could be causing it and a solution?
  20. Ian W

    Cupholder Face

    Is it easy enough to remove the face of the cupholder? Mechanism on mine is broken but the face is fine and I've been given a fully working mechanism but it has no face. Thanks [emoji3] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk