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    Oil leak on new to me 2013 A4 quattro 2.0Tfsi 225ps

    Hello, long time lurker and occasional poster here. Im after some opinions on my situation. One month ago i purchased a second hand 2013(registered 2014) 2.0 tfsi A4 quattro from a reputable honda dealer with a 3 month rac platinum plus warrenty. The honda dealer said it passed its 100 point...
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    2013 A4 Avant Quattro 2.0 tfsi 225ps S Tronic remap questions

    Hello, I was wondering who has remapped their 2.0 tfsi what map they went for and how is the stock clutch holdng out? I have just purchased a 2014 Audi A4 Avant Quattro 2.0 tfsi 225ps S Tronic. Car has 53k on the clock. I am keen to get it mapped but don't want to change the clutch 6 months...
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    Parts Request for Audi A4 AVANT B7

    Hi Dave, Could you give me a cost for the following parts 4B9 876 899 - rotary faster for vech. with warning triangle 8E9 803 899 a/c - plastic screw for spare wheel cover 8E9 898 661 - 4pk parcel shelf upgrade cheers Matt
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    b7 perches needed

    Hi all, Does anyone have a pair of b7 perches knocking about they wanna sell? cheers matt
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    what spring for my A4

    Hi damien, I have a B7 Audi A4 Avant 2lt 170 tdi quattro. reg nd56 cgx. I have already dropped the front on some b5 perches but now a rear spring has broken so im thinking about changing all 4 corners. In an ldeal world i would have kept my old perches and just by a pair of 50/40 eibachs but i...
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    Balance shaft inspection by adamss24

    Hello All, I had been in discussions with Chris aka adamss24 for a while now about inspecting my balance shaft, all we where waiting for was a spell of good weather for the surgery to start. In the mean time my clutch had started to slip so it made sense to tackle both at the same time. My car...
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    Rnse coding help

    I recently bought an Rnse(prt no 8P0 035 192 T) and finally got round to installing it today I upgraded from a symphony 2. I bought my lead from kufatec and specified Bose, mfsw, no cd changer etc. I checked the kufatec lead and the Bose Wires position seemed to correspond with the sticker on...
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    Parts for RNSE auxin

    Hi Dave, Nice to speak to you just now, since speaking to you on the phone i have changed my order slightly i need the following parts to retrofit aux in to my rnse 1 x 1J0 972 977 G - 32 pin AV connector 1 x 8J0 035 475 - Aux-In Socket 1 x 8E0 973 754 - 4-pin Flat contact housing 2 x 000 979...
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    B5 perches and rs4 r-arb fitted by Adamss24

    Big thanks to Chris for fitting the above, a very nice bloke who knows his stuff :) I have wanted to do this for a long time and after an epic day with 2 seized pinch bolts, freezing conditions and a few specks of snow for good measure, all fitted and I'm very happy with my level stance and firm...
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    VCDS in NW london for beer tokens!

    Hello, I am having some smokey issues with my 56plate A4 170 tdi. I have been asked to check the injector idle correction in VCDS - this is in block 15 and send them a log of the engine idling when warm. If anyone can help in exchange for beer tokens it would be much appreciated. I will travel...
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    Happy customer

    Hey all, Just thought i would say thanks to dannyKn9 for fitting cruise for me a month or so ago. Nice chap went out of his way to source a clutch switch last minute. Would highly recommend his services to anyone thinking of fitting cruise in cheers matt
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    just got my car remapped

    Hello Chaps, Thought i should post my news here. I just got my 56 plate A4 Quattro Avant 170TDI (65k miles) mapped by Richard at RHS performance with an evolution remap. I chose evolution as my brother has had his car remapped with a milltek DPF bypass pipe for 18months and is very happy with...
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    Audi Symphony swap

    Hello all, i have a 56 plate A4, with a Symphony stereo with tape deck . i wish to swap it will a later symphony like this one here it is from a 2008 b7 cab does anyone know if it would fit cheers matt
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    acceptable respray

    Hello All, As the title suggests, i would really appreciate your thoughts on weather this is an acceptable respray and match of paint colour. I personally notice it really bad even the blend on the damaged side is noticeable to me now. I thought it was bad last night when i picked the car up...