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  1. garyrmills

    my s3

    Im not 100 percent if this is the right section but its up for sale as ive got to start saving for a new house and have a company vehicle here it is let me knoqw what you guys think Audi : Audi S3 Grey stage 2 price dropped must go
  2. garyrmills

    Facelift lens replacement

    Is it possible to replace the lens cover on the facelift headlights as bought some cheap second hand headlights from ebay and they were scratched I've read the thread on removing the lens but just wondered instead of trying to polish the scratches out just buy new lens Any help would be great...
  3. garyrmills

    Facelift front headlights

    where would you guys n gals recomend getting a set of these as been looking around and they are soo expensive..... is it worth waiting or just bite the bullet and pay out? thanks gary also bit of a long shot but dont suppose anyone is breaking an s3 with these or one side ??
  4. garyrmills

    Cooler size

    Right looking at getting a front mount plus hoses and doin it all with a few friends and i know that this has been covered a million times but couldnt find the exact info im after sorry guys for repeat thread . Is 600*300*76 cooler to big? will it make the turbo more 'lagy'. The car has had a...
  5. garyrmills

    Boost gauge only reads negative boost?

    when i fitted my boost guage it worked fine for a week or so then it started to only read negative pressure. ive got the pipe t'd into the dump valve breather on the top of my oo7p its not a blocked pipe as ive changed the pipe for stronger pipe and its still doing the same? the boost wont read...
  6. garyrmills

    What spark plugs are you using??

    ive checked through the search section for this with no luck. i was wondering what would be the best plugs to get considering my car has had a stage 2 revo remap? not sure if this would make a difference (wether they get hotter or draw more current) but thought id check before i invest in some...
  7. garyrmills

    A3 and S3 clocks are they the same?

    ive got S3 clocks but i have a dodgey lcd in the middle ive tryed to fix this but had no luck. would the A3 clocks fit my car if i just changed the facias over? also does it matter what spec the car had before? thanks gary
  8. garyrmills

    Boost guage

    does anybody know which is the best fit and is most inkeeping with the s3 dials as much as possible. looking for it to fit on the A pillar with a single pod .any help would be great thanks
  9. garyrmills

    URGENT downpipe help

    Just got hold of a 3" downpipe and sports cat for my s3 apy with esp and was wondering what is involved in the fitting as im looking to do it tommorow and over the bank holiday weekend. will i need to drop the subframe? or drop the back of the engine? or can i get to the turbo end from the...
  10. garyrmills

    225bhp and 210bhp TIP differences

    Are there any differences between the two? if so are they easily fixed? as i have been offered one from a friend who has a 225bhp engine and assumed they would be the same thanks gary
  11. garyrmills

    50mm wheel bolts

    been given some HnR wheel spacer and need some 50mm wheel bolts, what type (size/thread) should they be and where can i get them ?
  12. garyrmills

    few mods advice required

    i have a 2000 s3 210bhp model with green cotton panel filter (also smoothed the inside of the air box as i was told it makes the air flow turbulent), forge dump valve , and stage 1 remap and looking to stage 2 in the near future. which would you guys recomend to be the best value and quality...
  13. garyrmills

    ebay manifold and sport cat downpipe

    just wondering if anyone has fitted one of these? is it good quality and is it worth the extra cash buying the manifold aswel or just stick with the down pipe and sports cat . thanks
  14. garyrmills

    Miltek performance downpipe and sports cat
  15. garyrmills

    will 2005 s3 2.0 downpipe and cat fit pre facelift

    need help on this if anyone could shed some light.... right ive bought this item on ebay thinking it was for a 2000 reg and payed for this .but whilst im waiting for the pipe to turn up i checked the ad again and noticed ut said 2.0tfsi **** sakes !!!!!:mad: ino its very unlikely to fit but...
  16. garyrmills

    what kind of power will i get with.....

    i have a 2000 s3 210bhp model with green cotton panel filter (also smoothed the inside of the air box as i was told it makes the air flow turbulent), forge dump valve , miltek 3 inch pipe with high flow sports cat from turbo to cat . the car currently has a stage 1 revo remap so ive been...
  17. garyrmills

    power distribution??

    hi guys im new to this forum and was wondering what percentage of the power goes to the front wheels compared to the rear wheels?