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  1. Foxmeister

    Well hello there......

    How are we doing lads, long time and all that??? Havent had much activity on here in the last couple years, lots of change in life, losing job, gaining well paid job, moving home etc etc, big changes and as such the Audi sorely paid the ultimate price for this. Went out to Afghanistan in May...
  2. Foxmeister

    Noob, dont laugh!

    Okay, where do we start.... Ive been into my cars for years and like all sorts so not in any way brand loyal. Have owned a few over the years from RS Fords to GTE and SRi Vauxhalls and M series BMW etc, but i never bothered with internet forums or photos before and have none from...
  3. Foxmeister

    S4 Uprights compatability?

    Will B5 S4 uprights bolt straight onto a 2.8 Quattro using the existing CV's etc or are shafts required???
  4. Foxmeister

    Fake Recaros, for real Recaro money!

    This guy think hes fooling anybody??? 1200 quid lol Parts & Accessories : Sportster Reclining Bucket seat Ebay specials for 300 quid
  5. Foxmeister

    Original Sport steering wheel badge

    Does anybody know where to get them? Or any other manufacturers of similar items that can be used???
  6. Foxmeister

    Hubcentric spacers?

    Is it possible to get hubcentric type in 5mm variant? If so, any links please? So far i can only find from 10mm upwards. Cheers.
  7. Foxmeister

    Replica Recaro seats

    A cheaper alternative on some new seats that look like B7 RS Recaros maybe??? Look ok to me! Pair Of Racing Reclining Bucket Sports Seats Black / Blue HONDA CIVIC INC TYPE R | eBay
  8. Foxmeister

    Freebies for B5 guys???

    I know its short notice, but i have a couple of bits free for anybody that wants to uplift them from Glasgow area before Sat. First is my project "Skank4 bumper", needs some delicate trimming ready to accept new mesh, then the seam at the bottom needs properly filled and flushed ready for...
  9. Foxmeister

    Photoshop help please?

    Ive been still too busy with other things at the min, but went to the garage yesterday n had look about the car. Im starting to think about some changes as although its still nowhere near finished, im getting bored of the safe and plain look it seems to have. Firstly, can somebody do photoshop...
  10. Foxmeister

    Custom front bumper

    Take one standard A4 front bumper and one bored owner! Seeing as the RS4 front is f%$ked again, and im in no hurry to have another re-done just now, i decided to have a play with my original bumper to use for the time being. How it started Getting a rough idea of the dimensions Then...
  11. Foxmeister

    Carbon wrapped wheels!

    Bit of time must've went into these
  12. Foxmeister

    Unusual Audi wheels

    Just doing a bit of noseing, and came across these Audi PAX Speedline system alloy wheels | eBay Never even heard of the PAX system, only BMW runflats etc, but i also really like the wheels, anybody know which wheels they are, optional extras maybe or what model they came on?
  13. Foxmeister

    Exhaust manifolds(2.8) design???

    Does anybody have any experience with or know of anybody who has changed/upgraded the manifolds on the 2.8? I already have a custom s/s exh which is fine, but this year is hopefully supercharger year for Project RS28 and i recieved a pair of equal length downpipes to fit with the charger. I may...
  14. Foxmeister

    Fat B*****d seems to have had a seat on these cars!

    LOL!!!!!!! Useable cars! lol
  15. Foxmeister

    What the f%&k is it all about with these bosozoku exhausts?????

    Have a look here, mental! Japanese Ricer VIP Convention! - YouTube Why???? ..........Just, WHY?????????????????
  16. Foxmeister

    Battlefield 3 troll! lol

    Some people take things way to seriously! lol Video: Lol: Battlefield 3 Troll Killing His Own Team Members
  17. Foxmeister

    Anybody tried these?

    Seeing as arm rests never appear when i have the cash, im wondering if anybody has tried the aftermarket route like these eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace If so, how do they fit and look etc??? Any pics???
  18. Foxmeister

    Drifting vid....on a smaller scale!

    Love it DRIFT 44 - YouTube
  19. Foxmeister

    Widebody pics!

    Check this little mofo out! Some work went into this! Anybody have any scale models of the B5, get some pics up if so!
  20. Foxmeister

    Cheap LCD pixel repair solution?

    Having a browse and came across this eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Direct replacement for broken DIS units, seems cheap enough to take the plunge if you can change it yourself. I'd take a punt if mine needed it.