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  1. dannyh

    Does anyone recommend the DTUK tuning box for B8S4?

    Quick question… Does anyone recommend the DTUK tuning box for B8S4?
  2. dannyh

    Press Clutch to start… time for a new clutch.. clutch advice please

    SO I’ve got the dreaded warning message “Press clutch to start”, so now the car will only start with a very firm press of the clutch. Other than that the car drives and feels fine, no clutch slip or difficult gear changes. I was wishfully hoping it was just a faulty switch on the master...
  3. dannyh

    S4 Exhaust drone

    Hi guys and girls, I am wondering if anyone has any experience or can share there exhaust set up. I have a B8S4 and it has a custom exhaust from the cat back, right from the front all the way to the back, it has an x pipe in the middle but no silencers just two small back boxes. The car sounds...
  4. dannyh

    Northwest Spray Garage

    Hi guys, I'm after getting the front bumper and Bonet on my nogaro blue S3 painted. Just wondering if anyone can recommend and place in the northwest, and also if anyone can estimate a price I should be looking to pay, I don't want to get it done and have a bad finish so in the paint industry...
  5. dannyh

    My rear feels bouncy

    Hi Guys, whenever i go over a bump the back end of my S3 seems to twitch and jump around on the back. Its lowered 20mm on standard shocks. Is it normal to feel this twitch? ive only had FWD before so nothing to compare this to. Thanks
  6. dannyh

    Any body running one of these?

    Ive seen this on ebay and was wondering if anyone is running one SKODA OCTAVIA SEAT LEON IBIZA CUPRA 1.8T RECIRCULATING DIVERTER DUMP VALVE RECIR | eBay its a copy of the forge 007p but less than half the price. Only thing i notice is a hole in the center of the plate, the forge item doesnt...
  7. dannyh

    Dannyh's 2002 Nogaro Blue S3

    Hi guys, you will all know this car as being owned by Dan-jnr who sold it to Marshall878 and then I bought it from Marshall The car is a credit to the previous two forum owners, I've never bought a car with so much history and so well looked after. The car was exactly as described which is...
  8. dannyh

    Stage 1 boost.

    I have stage one map with no other mods and my boost spikes to 22psi and sits about 20psi. Is this normal for an S3 off boost it sits about -20 Thanks dan
  9. dannyh

    Quick question

    Did a search on my iphone but couldn't find the answer, at what drop would you need adjustable tie arms on an S3? I have 20mm at the rear and seems fine to me but I'm no mechanic, There seems to be quite a few people who have these are you all lower than 20mm?? Thanks
  10. dannyh

    Safe mode

    Hi guys I have a symphony stereo in my S3 and it won't come out of safe mode, or respond by pressing Scan and RDS. Has anyone had this before and fixed it, or as I am guessing from reading other threads it's completely goosed Thanks guys
  11. dannyh

    Quattro service?

    Hi guys I have found the S3 I want and have agreed to go and buy it this Saturday.... Extremely excited!!!! What do I need to know about the quattro, does it need a service, what needs doing? Any care? I have only had FWD before so never paid any attention to quattro, Cheers
  12. dannyh

    It's been a long time!!!!!

    Well I loved my old A3 AGU then replaced that with a Cupra R, unfortunately had to sell that as I changed jobs and couldn't commute in it any more due to 40 miles a day costing too much, any way I work closer to home now so looking to get an S3 :-) I'm surprised how much the values have...
  13. dannyh

    KO4 exhaust bolt

    Hi guys i have seen a KO4 for sale but in the picture it seems to be missing a bolt from the exhaust side, are these easy to replace??
  14. dannyh

    Quick I'm sat outside euro car parts

    Just picked up my new KO4 not sure if it is one, can someone help
  15. dannyh

    EGR blanking plate

    Has anyone blocked off the EGR?? My mechanic has suggested doing it tomorrow when he fits my new turbo but im not exacally sure what it does He said he canblank it off but drill a small hole in the blank so the EGr still picks up a little flow to stop thelight on the dash anyone done it,what...
  16. dannyh

    Going Hybrid

    I posted this on SCN but i know you guys on here like your hybrid's from when i had my A3, I currently have a Seat Leon Cupra R and well my turbo is a little broke :sadlike: Untitled by GuerrillaPhotography, on Flickr ,So I am looking at getting it refurbished. but for £200 more I can get a...
  17. dannyh


    Hi guys i have been offered a swap on an Audi A6 2.8 quattro avant 1998 its on 133K timing belt done at 103K what are the common issues if any or should i stay well clear?? also what is the equipment like on these??? thanks Danny
  18. dannyh

    Is the end near??

    Just found out that my girlfriend of 4 and a bit years is pregnant (planned) and attention has turned to my car already lol we suspect her to be approx 2 month gone so 7 months remaining I absolutely love my car and don’t want to let it go, I keep saying that a pram and shopping will fit and...
  19. dannyh

    Dogbone bush

    Well i had a productive Saturday, me and my dad (who is a mechanic) got my car on a ramp and fitted new coilovers and wishbones and a service, We got the coilovers on fine and wishbones then got it tracked, we was also going to fit my dogbone but the bolts seemed really stiff, my dad said he...
  20. dannyh

    Logging an AGU

    Hi guys, I went out last night to do some logging with Sandip however because my car is an AGU he couldnt log what he would normally log in his S3 I am wondering if anyone else uses VCDS to log and know of any blocks to log as the only one we could log was G/S? I was hoping to see intake temps...