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    Hi guys Can you please remove me from the map - I've no longer got the ability to sort this for other members. Thanks Ross
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    New car collection - what to expect from dealer?

    List price for mine was £68k. I paid £57k with GAP and first service included. For my 4 hours of haggling, on the collection day I got a full tank of fuel and a 'please don't come back again!" in a friendly manner :D They chucked in an RS4 keyring I fancied the look of and had mentioned a week...
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    Show Us Your 'Flake Pop' Shots

    It's raining at the moment so this is the best I can do until the sun comes out!
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    Abandoned car roof... Is there any hope?

    Swissvax fabric diluted in sparkling water would sort that. I've seen it bring up worse tbh. Don't ever use products not intended for car use on a fabric roof - they can ruin the waterproofing and damage rubber seals.
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots Works out at about £1650 delivered. 99% of everything you do doesn't need a full height lift and I've not found it wanting yet. For detailing, it's awesome - brings the panel to a comfortable working height.
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    That's a forced rotation DA. It's a half way house between a traditional DA and a normal rotary. If truly awesome. On Audi paint you're there for half a lifetime with a DA as its so hard (generally). The flex FR DA easily cuts my machine time by two thirds. I love it. Highly recommended if...
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Before waxing 50/50 on door pillars Weapon of choice Almost done
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Sorry for delay. Missed the post somehow. My ramp is an automotech. They're about £1600 all in delivered.
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    D2s bulbs. Which one is the best

    Shame. Osram CBI are probably the best you could have bought. Awesome bulbs.
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    Round up & reviews ....... Air intakes

    B7 rs4 has a valve in the airbox as stock... More for noise reduction at lower revs I believe (and increased flow at higher revs), but not a first in design.
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    Sweeping LED Turn Signal Indicators

    You're moving the goalposts. ;) This is about an aftermarket product that claims to give the oem sweeping led's and doesn't actually do sweep, just delay one. To use your example I have no problem with people putting an rs4 grille on an a4 at all. But I'd find it upsetting to see an a4 grille...
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    Sweeping LED Turn Signal Indicators

    You wouldn't be getting "them" that's the point. You'd be getting blinking/delayed segments. The two things are different. Would you accept carbon wrap instead of real carbon? They both look fake and cheap.
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    MRC Tuning?

    Yes they did my 730bhp RS6 and my old 450bhp RS4. But how many S3's have they fully custom mapped. That's my reservation :)
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    B7 RS4 - Just turned 100K miles....still loving her!

    I had a B7 a few cars back. Loved it and the sound was indeed awesome :)
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    Who do you all insure with ? Having trouble getting a quote without a Tracker

    1st Central. 38 yo 10 years NCB protected 6 points (2x SP30) A rated postcode 67k value, 12k miles PA 315GBP PA - 150xs
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    Sweeping LED Turn Signal Indicators

    I had an RS7 on test drive for a week and took video of it's proper sweeping indicators. This is the real deal - the adapter kit shown above is pretty poor by comparison. Rears: Fronts:
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    MRC Tuning?

    I'd recommend waiting a little while before getting your S3 done with MRC. They've done a lot of work on a couple of my cars and I do rate them for what they know about (mostly RS4's and RS6's). I'm not entirely comfortable yet with the progress I've seen on a custom mapped S3 recently. Can't...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Cleaning the belly...
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    3 month old blackfire sealant, 3000+ miles, 15+ washes since application. I really rate blackfire stuff :)
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    Is Daytona the new Sepang ?

    Merlin purple looks best IMO. But I would say that :D