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    BBS alloys

    Anyone looking to sell any BBS alloys for the RS3 ET49 offset pm me with pics and condition please. Ideally looking for silver speedlines or CKs or RCs
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    Wanted Authentic BBS alloys for PFL RS3 8V ET49 5X112

    Searching for a straight damage free set of speedlines, or other 2 piece wheel in ET49 5x112 for RS3 PFL
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    Alloy offset question

    Hi I've found some alloys I like but they are an ET42 offset. The std rotors fitted are ET49 Anyone running this offset and know if these will fir and clear the calipers with no running issues or spacer requirement?
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    Electrical fault

    Can anyone shed any light on this fault. Nothing showing on my basic obd2 reader. I had auto hill hold reryofotted in Jan so wonder if it's related due to wiring into the abs module control. As I assume when it mentions parking brake its related to the auto parking brake? Trizngle warning...
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    For Sale New Aero wipers for MK4 aero arms

    Brand new Bosch aero wipers set for Golf mk4 aero arms. Typical conversion carried out on an S3 8L Bought for £26 asking £10 with £4.29 tracked postage at buyers expense Payment via bank tx or PayPal pay a friend as well known member with sale history PM if interested
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    Parts following sale of car

    Thanks for all the interest in my S3 that was recieved on here and the positive feedback. This has now sold and I have a few parts that were removed pre sale I'm looking to sell on Please check the classified section to view these items including the S3 personalised real carbon fibre engine...
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    For Sale S3 8L BOSE rear doorcard speakers

    Second hand S3 8L BOSE rear doorcard speakers. Bought as a spare set but never utilised and car is now sold £40 the pair Payment via bank tx or PayPal pay a friend as well known member with sale history PM if interested
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    For Sale S3 8L carbon fibre engine and manifold cover set

    Rare no longer available real carbon fibre engine and manifold covers with Audi rings and facelift S3 decals Some small imperfections but they still look amazing £250ono Viewable in Lincoln if required PM for more high res images as ASN only allowed me to upload one pic Payment via bank tx...
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    For Sale S3/TT/LCR 8L N249 bracket

    N249 bracket for sale £10 Payment via bank tx or PayPal pay a friend as well known member with sale history PM if interested
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    For Sale S3 8L 23MM front arb poly bushes

    Powerflex 23mm poly bushes removed after 500 miles on sale of car. These were gutted to a front MK4 R32 ARB Pt no 2593 £15 Payment via bank tx or PayPal pay a friend as well known member with sale history PM if interested
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    Wanted REVO RS3 8V PFL carbon induction kit

    Searching for a complete used system in excellent condition at a fair price. Please pm with offers
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    My babys up for sale

    Just posted the ad for my S3 in the classifieds. After 13 years of ownership it will be a strange feeling letting it go. Feel free to look
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    Sold Very clean S3 8L AMK for sale great factory spec and mods

    It's with regret that after 13 years of ownership I'm putting my S3 up for sale. It has a great factory spec. Every option with exception of reverse sensors, but who needs these right? It has tasteful minimalistic mods and very rare authentic 18" BBS CK's sourced from Germany. Please follow the...
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    Window issue sdvice

    So it seems my car just keeps kicking me in the nuts lately. I spent the morning doing a full detail of the car and replaced a split turbo charge pipe. Then on a test drive I put the window down and heard a large crunch after which the window stopped.I can hear the motor working but it doesnt...
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    Ignition Control Module

    Hi I have a stubborn misfire in Cylinder 2 causing loss of power, juddering and the EML light to flash It's not the coilpack as teh fault didn't move cylinders on transposing and the plugs are ok. Reading online for 1.8T's with the same symptoms as mine many people have replaced the...
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    O2 Lambda sensor fault code P0130 01/01

    Hi all just a quick post regarding advice on the fault code P0130 01/01. This was using a generic OBD II reader. I have no access to VAG Com. Looking online the fault code is the Lambda Sensor Bank 1 oxy sensor. I've found a handy video from an APY TT showing the removal process. This shows it...
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    Panel Filter query

    Hi I have aPFL 2016 RS3 8V. I purchased a PP149 pipercross panel filter that should have been compatible for the car. On attempted fitment its around 5mm larger than the OEM filter and has to be forced by bending in the middle to try and fit, and even then it's not sitting correctly. Can...
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    For Sale 2 x Pirelli P Zero tyres in 235/35/19R 91Y R01 MO £90/£70 removed from my 8V RS3

    1 x Pirelli P Zero tyree 235/35/19R 91Y R01 MO £90 Purchased 31st October and removed on 5th November so fitted for 5 days The tyre has covered 75 motorway miles and has the full 8mm tread as from new. No sign of wear, they are as in new condition. Sale price is £128 so as you can appreciate...
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    Audi connect query....HELP

    Does anyone on here have Audi tech pack with Audi connect? And if so can you tell me the process for syncing/initial logon It's an option on a car I'm viewing from a prestige centre and don't want to be caught out paying surcharges fro re-ordering codes etc I'm getting conflicting info. My...
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    RS3 8V 2016 Common Faults

    Hi I'm looking at upgrading to an Audi RS3 8v 2016. Do any members on here have a list of common faults, and anything I should look out for when inspecting the car and outstanding recalls they wish to share please. I've looked on the forum prior to posting but couldn't find a sticky for this...