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  1. johnny161171

    Can anyone help

    Hi can anyone help me code mirrors for A4 B8 2010 I have access to vcds and have tried coding but coding won't power the mirrors to fold I keep getting incorrect coding entered in channels 42 and 52 I was wondering if the modules in the car are compatible part numbers 8k0959793j and 8k0959792j...
  2. johnny161171

    Folding mirror modules

    Hi can anyone tell me which folding mirror control modules I need, part numbers would much appreciated if anyone knows them. Thanks in advance.
  3. johnny161171

    Selling my rear l.e.d lights

    Hi i am selling my rear l.e.d's they are the smoked type if anyone is interested p.m me thanks.
  4. johnny161171


    Hi has anybody fitted the xcarlink with rnse i am having issues regarding that when using he cd side of this it won't let me change tracks either through the head unit or steering wheel controls also it doesn't display track numbers during using the cd function just a blank scrreen but sound is...
  5. johnny161171


    Can anyone help me get the long coding assistant up using vcds thanks.
  6. johnny161171

    Help with cruise control

    Hi could someone please help me i have today fitted the cruise control to my B7 Audi 2.0 diesel 170 and i haven't got a clue how to code it can someone please help me through the process of coding it with vcds many thanks in advance.