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    2002 clio Wonky steering wheel

    Hi guys Thought Id ask on here as the clio forum is pants. The missus has a little 1.6 clio, since she got it the steering wheel has been about an eighth of turn off center, before I wasn't too worried as the car drives in a straight line, so just thought someone had taken the wheel off and...
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    A3 1.4TFSi info and question

    Hi Havn't posted on here for a while so though I'd post a few things I've noticed, firstly just checked the oil on the car and noticed it was down on to the minimum, only took 0.5l to fill guessing this is normal esp as the cars doen 11.5k miles in 15 weeks! Quick question has anyone had...
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    Few techie questions about lights....

    Now owned my A3 for 3 weeks done 3700 miles in that time so have got to know it well, have noticed a few things that someone will hopefully shed some light on: 1) When the car is running the needles on the clock are permantly lit which is fine however I've noticed that when I go into a tunnel...
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    Latest ETKA update contains new A3 parts....

    Update number 703 contains the 2009 A3 just looking through it now for headlights taillights etc.... Mark
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    Turbo Cut Off Valve

    Just been looking on the latest version of etka and the part number for the above part is now the same for both the 1.4tfsi, 1.8tfsi and 2.0tfsi just double checking that this means that one off a 2.0tfsi would fit a 1.4tfsi? Part number is: 06f 145 710 g Cheers Mark
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    Rear mats sportback

    Just a quicky anyone know how much a set of genuine rear mats are? Also can I get them cheaper from anywhere other than Audi, as mine didn't come with any. Cheers Mark
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    Just got my A3 1.4TFSi....

    Well done Audi, firstly it arrives in an Audi van which was impressive as my colleague got a Mercedes C class last month and the guy drove it from Cambridge to Manchester for him so was mucky and had 200 miles before he even got to drive it! Thoughts on the car, impressive can see the better...
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    ETKA 7 updates

    Just got a copy of ETKA 7 with updates up to number 656, just wondering if this is the latest, if not anyone know where I can get the updates from have tried looking on the web but no luck. Cheers Mark
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    Interior light package

    I didn't order the interior light package on my car (only had 1k to spend on extras) so looking at retro fitting the following items...
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    1.4TFSi Electronic Recirculation Valve

    Does anyone know if the 1.4 TFSi has the above like the 2.0TFSI? I know the VW 1.4TSi as one but thats a different engine, also where abouts would it be I'm guessing you have to get to it from underneath the car? Cheers Mark
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    Longest wait for an A3

    Whats the longest anyones had to wait for there A3 from placing the order to getting it delivered, I ordered mine on the 30th of Jan and I'm still waiting for a delivery date, all I know is its not going to be a facelift model! I've got a feeling I'm going to be into June before I see it! Over 4...
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    Audi A3 getting built in May

    Hi I ordered my Audi way back in January and have just been told it won't be getting built til the week commencing 28th of April so practically May, I've read on here that the face lifted model is due to be built in May, I'm guessing i'll still get the current model as the options on the newer...
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    Bluetooth on A3

    Is it possible to use the bluetooth system on the A3 without the MFSW? Just when I ordered my company car back in January I was told by the lease company that I could have the GSM prep for free. However after reading on here I've found that threres no modern phone adapators to fit the GSM Prep...
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    Still waiting for my A3

    Ordered my A3 1.4TFSI Sport at the end of January and still have no official date for arrival other than sometime in April! Just wondering if this is normal? Finally does anyone know if any companies have started doing ecu upgrades for the 1.4 yet and if so what gains could be had...
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    Induction kit 1.4 TFSi

    Hi due to get my A3 next month and wanting to fit an induction kit, could someone take a picture of the intake system of a 1.4 TFSi as both the 1.4 and the 2.0L according to K & N have the same element so wanted to compare the the intake sysgtem to see if the induction kit will fit. Cheers Mark