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    on board computer read out blank

    I have an S reg A3 1.8T and noticed today that the little screen is blank. Seems to have coincided with a bulb warning light coming on but probably in related. I have a sneeking suspicion this display can be turned off ? Anyone know why it might have gone off ?
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    AGU ECU remap or immobiliser delete

    I have a slight problem. I have installed an AGU engine in my T4 Van. I had the ECU (06A 906 018 AR) remapped and immob deleted. All worked well but I'm having trouble with the emissions. I also have an AGU engine A3 (I loved the donor car so much I bought one to run around in) this has an...
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    Limp mode caused by oil pressure sensor ?

    As it says, I have put an AGU in my T4 and I'm struggling to get boost over 3psi. I have some error codes but none relating to oil pressure. I know the A3 ECU is not wired up to the oil pressure sensor. Would that cause limp mode ? Surely I'd get an error code for lack of oil pressure ?
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    Smokey AGU engine

    I have just fitted an AGU engine into my W T4 van. I had a donor car which I used for a few weeks. Now the engine is in the van it's smoking quite bad, not so nad after a run though in fact I'd say no smoke. Given that I still have a few things to wire up is there anything that could cause...
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    5th Gear upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded their 5th gear. What I actually mean is change the ratio. On the T4 forum it's a common mod to change the 5th gear ratios and raise the road speed you do at a given revs. My A3 1.8T currently does 70 mph at 3000 revs and to me this seem too high revs for that speed. My...
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    rear suspension knock

    I have two early A3's 1.8t AGU. both have a annoying knock coming from the rear when you hit a pothole. As both cars have the same sound I assume there might be a common fault or part that fails ? It sounds like the exhaust hitting but I've yanked on that and can't re create it. I think that...
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    Knocking from rear end and speedo

    Got a knock at the rear. Previous A3 had this and clues as to common problems on the 97-98 A3's ? being a bit lazy as my back is playing up and not keen on rolling around under it today ? Also my speedo under reads by about 10% . Has someone fitted an incorrect sensor or do they fail this way ...
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    Newbie post. Bose stereo and speedo and other questions

    hi all. I bought an A3 with AGU engine with the intention of using the engine in my T4 Transporter. But loved driving it so I ended up buying a second A3. Have now Choosen the one with the leather interior. But a few questions. The speedo under reads by about 10 mph. compared to other Audi...