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    A3 2.0TDi S-line Review; 1 year on...

    Well, the time has come. 2 weeks and my A3 will be probably be gone. I thought as I had the time I would do a full write-up of the car in the year I’ve had it. Just so I can put into words how much I am going to miss this car. My reason for purchasing an A3 was one of convenience rather than...
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    Help on 19 inch wheels!!

    Will these will measurements fit an S3 S-line FWD? Wheels: 9Jx19 ET52 Tyres: 255/35/R19 96Y Cheers Neil
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    ****** kids!

    Well, had to happen didn't it? 35 days into owning my new car and its already damaged! My Brother was outside in the driveway about an hour ago when he heard an almighty bang and saw a stone bouncing off the bonnet off the A3, which lifted the paint and put a nice 10p dent in it. Some kids had...
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    Good Price?

    I'm about to purchase a 2 month 55 plate A4 2.0 TDi S-line saloon from an Audi Centre. Which has the following options; Metallic Paint (Daytona Grey) 18 inch RS6 wheels DIS Mudflaps Semi-rigid Aluminium interior trim If, I buy the car they will throw in... Glovebox 6CD player Centre Armrest...
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    Sportback Votex bodykit

    Well our first Sportback to have a bodykit left for fitting today, looking forward to seeing what it will look like I shall be sure to get you all some 'real-life' photos as soon as its back, so you can all make your own opinions on it. The 'brochure shots' Audi provide in the Accessories...
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    Aero Wipers on '4D' chassis...

    Does anyone know of any VAG Aero Wipers that will retrofit onto a 4D Y chassis (2000) A8? My Dad has always moaned the wipers are poor so I thought I may buy him some for a Birthday present