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    Saying goodbye to my A3 - Who wants parts ?

    Hello all, I am finally saying goodbye to my A3, but not selling it, the reasons for this is because my good friend has the same AXX 2.0TFSI engine and has pinched my cams. well I say pinched, I gave them to him. if anyone would like to buy some parts from it, I’m more than happy to sell them...
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    RECON Turbo

    Hello, So for a 2.0tfsi A3. 06F145701H - Part number, how much would a reconditioned one sell for? I’m looking at selling mine and I’m just curious of some prices. Thanks
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    Very interesting Turbo problem

    Hello, So as you can see by the title I’m having a problem, on my previous posts I was having problems, my old turbo bearings had worn and the actuator snapped: The new problem: I replaced the turbo and now sometimes it completely stops, so I’d i accelerate I get no POWER. There are no check...
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    Absolutely racking my brains out over my turbo

    So, I have a 2005 A3 2.0T AXX. All of a sudden when I was driving the turbo just basically stopped working. I used ClickMechanic to try and solve it (“So there is no power at all when I drive, and the turbo doesn't spool. There is also oil leaking underneath There has been a kind of cricket...
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    Audi A3 2.0TFSI

    Hello so my 2006 A3 2.0TfSi on throttle sounds like a wasps (I guess) sound coming from the turbo , is that a normal noise or ? And I have noticed that oil is dripping somewhere down the turbo side, do we think that could be a possible cause ? I have uploaded a video, but it’s not really...
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    A3 2.0tfsi Injector b problem

    Hey so I have a 2.0 tfsi 2005 A3 and well the car basically went into limp mode, and I looked up the code and it says P2149 Injector B. What is the fix for my car ? Because I’ve looked online and I can’t find anything for an Audi.. is it a new harness somewhere ?
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    Camshaft over adjustment - long term

    Hello, so the other day, I found that my car was throwing up the DTC P0011. So my thoughts were that I had to change my chain link kit, so I bought a kit online. And unfortunately the bolt which connected it to the exhaust cam shaft; was busted so I had to replace the cam exhaust shaft aswell...
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    Possible boost leak ?

    So the thing is the Intercooler pipe on the drivers side. I believe is leaking. I have tried a leak test but nothing came out. When I go down under my car, the pipe isn’t fully seated and I have to push it back in some more, and obviously when I go above 2.5k rev it doesn’t feel like it’s...
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    Roller rocker arm damage

    So my car has been misfiring (plugs changed, coils, injectors checked.) we took off everything and found that a roller rockerarm is seriously damaged, would this cause the car to misfire only at idle, because when it spins it would miss it. Thanks :) I attached a pic
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    Alloy question! Rear sizing

    Hey, so I was looking at purchasing some 18” Alloys for my A3, my car has not been lowered but I’m reading that on my read it would be 18” x 9.5” with a 39 offset. Does this mean it would rub ? What are the biggest size for an A3 which won’t rub? I would like to put coil overs on in the future...
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    Hey! Muffler Delete on Audi A3 2.0t

    So I have an A3 2.0tfsi (2005) and I was wondering if anyone knows or does muffler delete pipe into a twin tip. Ive looked all up and down this forum for one, and I saw a user used to do them, but I was wondering if its a thing, Ive tried to ask exhaust shops, and they always either quote high...
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    Misfiring in the A3

    Hey so recently my car started playing up and the 4th cylinder kept misfiring, I replaced the coil and 4 spark plugs and also did a compression test which went slowly up to around 100, do we think that the head gasket needs to be replaced, and does any one know of anyone that does it in the...
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    Turbo huge hiss

    So I recently changed my diverter valve (old one was completely torn) and now I have A GFB DV+ installed there is still a really loud turbo sound. I’m not sure what I can do. It’s an A3 2.0T 2005 I can send a video if you message me :) Thanks :)
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    A3 FWD TO AWD Conversion Questions

    Hello everyone, as you can see by the title I am curious in changing my A3 FWD into a Quattro. I have read in lots of places online that lots of parts are needed. I have a plan though, and that is to get a cheap ish A3 with Quattro already, but it would be a manual transmission, and just use...
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    Hey guys Remap enquiry

    Where abouts is the best place in the London/Hampshire area(broad search I know) best for remapping my 2.0t A3 ? I would be interested in Launch Control, and Antilag. Just looking for a stage 1 for now Thanks
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    Non res pipe question

    So I have an Audi A3 2.0T and I was wondering if I cut the res pipe off and bought the non res attachment would it be fine? I’ve been reading about people saying backpressure is an issue ?
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    Is this really worth it ?

    I currently have a 2.0t Audi A3 8p Ive been considering upgrading/well getting the same car except the Quattro version, but also a 5 door, because 5 doors are more convenient for me, Is it really worth going through all the effort, or should I just continue with this car ? Are there any...
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    Coilover questions

    so I have my 2.0L 2006 A3 8p I was wondering what tools are required to replace the coilovers at home ? Do I pre adjust the coilovers before putting them on and then get it aligned ? I’ve heard the front is harder than the back, is this true ? Are there any good guides I can follow. Also I’ve...
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    Rear Camera any advice ?

    Hey, I have been looking to get the pioneer AVH-Z7000DAB installed into my A3 2006. If I installed this stereo, would I also be able to install a rear parking camera as well, do they plug in the same ? Obviously coding is needed, but I have been seeing that you need Audi's specific Navigation to...
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    I have an A3 2006 2.0T

    Hey guys, so I like my colour, but I’m wondering what kind of body mods you would think would suit my car ? Also alloy colours etc. I can’t find any rims which would actually suit it, or from just pictures, or maybe if you have the same colour A3 in a 3 door you could show me :) Thanks...