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    Weird noise while reversing

    I have the same problem, while reversing and hitting the break. Especially it comes more often while doing the same when going back. Any ideas from others ?
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    ESP light comes on in high boost?

    I have upgraded my chip in 2001 s3, now it gives around 1.5bar peak boost (it was 1.1 with the previous chip). But now I have problems with it: 1) ESP light comes on in an aggresive drive 2) Most importantly; Now there is a big turbo lag, the car does not response well to the throttle. The...
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    Boost question to chipped s3's

    I get 1.4bar when I hit the gas pedal strongly at the first time , but it than sits to 1.1 bar and it stays there until 6000rpm. What constant boosts do you have ?
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    Boost question to chipped s3's

    To chipped s3 owners, I assume you have around 250 bhp, What boost do you have, constant and peak ?
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    Changing from 17 to 18

    Does that alloy (momo gtr) look good on black s3? Is it light or heavy ? Have no idea about alloys
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    Changing from 17 to 18

    I want to change my alloys to 18" on my S3. And I will be having 225/40/18 tyres. What changes will it make to the car if any? (0-62, handling, top speed, comfort etc.. ) Will a heavier alloy affect the performance ?
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    S3 225 idle speed?

    I think I have the same problem, so if you explain what was the fault detailed , it will be greatly appreciated:)
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    Replacing bose speakers - need help

    But After reading the comments, they say if I replace them with 4ohm aftermarket speakers, I have the danger to blow the Amp in loud music.. What am I gonna do ? Is it hard to find these 2 ohms aftermarket? I asked some places all they have is the 4's.
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    Replacing bose speakers - need help

    Thanks a lot for the help guys.
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    Replacing bose speakers - need help

    Thanks So what I need is to search for speakers with 2ohm impedance(Whats that ?) Excuse my ignorance but I knew that "watts" was the unit for the power of speakers.
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    Replacing bose speakers - need help

    Hello all Does anybody know the specifications of 2001 s3 front bose speakers ??(Watt etc ..) I want to replace them with an aftermarket one coz one is broken and makes a bad sound and bose is very expensive. Any advice ?
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    My new car (56k be warned)

    nice where is the metallic mirrors ?
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    S3 High flow cats

    Which one is the engine check light ? I have a direct flow cat in my 2001 s3? Does it cause problems except the emission tests?
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    Part number for Bose front speaker

    I just changed the exact same one with yours, I have a 2001 s3 but they have to be the same. On its box , it writes 8L0 035 411, which I think its part num.
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    17 psi with s3, is it too much?

    Why wouldnt you want to , isnt more boost more hp ? Also the same one said that even subaru breaks pistons over 15 psi , more comments ?
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    17 psi with s3, is it too much?

    Some said that over 15 psi is dangerous for an s3, that much pressure breaks the pistons. After chipping mine boosts 17 psi, Am I in danger ? (it doesnt go to limp mode)
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    pics of my turbo gauge on s3

    I just installed a turbo gauge. Here some pictures.
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    permanent problem with the s3

    temperature sensor may be the problem because I also have a temp gauge fault(It falls between 80-90 sometimes in the driving).I ll go and check it as soon as I have some time and money. Thanks for advices.