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    Tyre of choice these days? any brand or type standing out?

    Hi all, I need to buy some tyres soon, I recall about about 6 years back when I last had to buy tyres, lol, I put Pirelli P6000's on my Bora, when I had it chipped it used to just spin in the wet and remember wasnt very good stopping! At the time Goodyear Eage F1 GSD3 were all the go, so I...
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    How to get money back from dealer for faulty car - help please?

    Hi all, I shall try and keep this brief as its a long story... About 3 months ago I bought an A3 from a car supermarket who does have a terrible reputation, it was due to the cars spec, looking back I wish I had never seen the thing! During this time its had various but one inttermitent...
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    No DPF on A3 140 TDi upto 08?

    Hi guys, Just checking, but I believe I am correct in saying the PD 140 bhp did not have a dpf on them? until they changed to the CR? Cheers CB
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    Has anyone had DPF issues as result of a remap?

    Hello! Keep it simple, as title says. Be very interested if my theory of a mapped car, more/over fuel can cause issues with the luvley dpf on the A3! Many thanks CB
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    Sale of goods act - not for for purpose - how to return a car?

    Hi guys, As some of you may have seen ive had a FEW issues with my recent purchase, it supposedly came with 30 days or 1000 miles warranty :rulez: But I am aware if im right in thinking you have 6 months to return it if it is...not fit for I have been told. There is something...
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    TDi owners - ever seen a warning message flash up whilst starting?

    Hi guys, As title, I have seen, or rather not seen a very quick warning message and I think beep flash up on dash when starting. It seems after this the car has not run so good, maybe, trying to eliminate things. If you have had this and know what it says, please tell me :shrug: Thanks!
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    Ideas NHN/tech/expert/someone had the same pleeeease? TDi 170 cured/not/cured/not!

    Hi all, Ive been have a couple! of issues with my recent TDi 170 Quattro purchase 6 weeks ago, then on Monday it was 100% fixed, then today, same problems :keule: To recap, hesitated over 3k revs in 4/5/6th gear, pull, hold back, pull, hold back at almost 1 second intervals and not nice to...
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    Audi dealer or Audi specialist - who would YOU choose?

    Hi guys, I am a bit torn over how to play my next step. So far the Audi dealer have told me my hesitation 3k up 4/5/6th gears was due to tandem pump, thats been changed by specialist, still does the same. Audi dealer then said its probably the turbo fins worn or blocked, thats been changed by...
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    TDi ECU - plug and play or wishful thinking?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know if its as simple as swapping the box in terms of fitting another ECU? After my TDi 170 has now had a new injectors, harness, tandem pump, turbo, actuator, feed pipes, EGR and throttle body checked and cleaned, it still holds back one second on one second off in 4/5/6...
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    170 TDi - anyone had turbo issues? if so what were your symptoms pleeeeeease?!

    Hi all! Anyone reading my recent posts can pick up im having a few! issues with my new car, having had the tandem pump done, which was faulty, I still have the same symtoms. So as title says, I would really like to hear from anyone whose had a new turbo fitted or turbo issues and exactly what...
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    Anyone with panoramich roof/roof rails/new windscreen and had a leak? Please help!

    Hi all, I have a very bad leak, getting worse with this stupid weather coming in like a tap, its not the door cards as seems to be common so can only go on it being the sunroof, roof rail, or top of screen. The highest point I can trace the water coming in is where the head lining meets the...
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    Water in drivers footwell?

    Hi all, Any known issues with water in drives footwell on the A3? Notice when I lifted the mat, below the clutch/brake pedal is quite damp, cant work out if this is recent or something spilt there and not dried out. It was washed Monday but I cant see anywhere it could be leaking in from the...
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    TDi 170 - hesitation at 3500 rpm in 4th - oil under bonnet - Tandem pump?

    Hi guys, I really hope this rings a bell with someone, recently bought my dream A3 2.0 TDi 170 Quattro, paying a lot more than I wanted. Noticed that about 3500 rpm always in 4th and occasionally in 3rd I get a slight hesitation, fine in 1st and 2nd, smooth idle, good cold start. Went in for...
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    TDi 170, worth upgrading air filter?

    Hi all, Having my car serviced on Monday and it needs an air filter, think he said its about £30 and I know its a pi55 easy job to change but felt it as easy to do all in one. Has anyone discovered an air filter than actually makes a difference or is proven to in performance? It is very...
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    Mirror moving down when put in reverse? and strip of chrome on door handles?

    Hi guys, On my Golf it has parking sensors and when I put it in reverse the passenger side mirror moves down so you can see the floor. Any ideas how I can this done on my A3 I just bought? has factory parking sensors as well. Also I have seen some newish A3's about with a thin chrome strip at...
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    63k service - long life for £249 or 10k for £149?

    Hi guys, Booked my car in as due service now at 63k, its had 2 longlifes previously at 20k and 40k. Am trying to decide if to go with the 10k offer? one for £149 or the longlife 20k one for £249. I only do about 5k a year with the new job, yes why do I want a diesel you are asking, lol, I...
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    Urgent help please - 170 - DPF - Cargiant?

    Hi guys! I need some advice quickly on a car ive put a deposit on. After a stupid amount of time searching ive found my perfect spec A3 2.0 TDI 170 Quattro S-line. Bad news is its at Cargiant, ive read the horror stories and having been there id say its like a TK Maxx for cars, if you sift...
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    Xenons or a quality aftermarket angel eye type?

    Hi all, In my still ongoing search for an A3 one of the things high on my list is Xenons. I liked them so much on my 8L that I really do want them again. As many of you I am sure know, Xenons are few and far between on A3's, despite being not that expensive as an option from new! So I am...
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    Living with an A3 TDi 170 Quattro S-line?!

    Hi guys, I was just after some feedback from people who own, or have even driven reguarly the above car. My long, but hopefully shorter term plan is to get another A3 and the best to suit my needs is the TDi 170 Quattro with S-Line spec. I have owned Golf, Bora, Golf, Polo, Jetta and another...
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    Anything to look out for on an imported but UK spec TDi Quattro?

    Hi guys, Am interested in a Quattro TDi, nice spec but it was purchased in Germany but for the UK. Not sure if it makes any difference now as well out of manufactures etc... Besides springs breaking and CV boots, anything else to look out for much? Ive sold my petrol quattro now so after...