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  1. 1.8JT

    Honest opinions.

    Might look to sell my a4 as we dont really use it anymore. I dont have a clue how much it is worth. 2004 1.8t avant sline. Dolphin grey. light pack/cool box/black roof lining etc 115k Full service history/cam belt changed/all aux belts and rollers changed etc. 12mts MOT etc. So if anybody...
  2. 1.8JT

    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    Afternoon everybody. Just got out to car this morn & warning light came on for coolant. Lifted bonnet and there is no coolant in the bottle at all! There is no white gunk on oil filler cap, but after checking with a torch there is lots of coolant down right hand side of engine (above and...
  3. 1.8JT

    Yet another coil pack failure + Knocking sound

    Really peed off, I was on my way to get my car taxed between appointments at work (ran out yesterday!), before I got to the post office my car started juddering and the engine light started flicking. I new instantly another coil pack had failed ( my first coil pack failed about 6wks ago ) so i...
  4. 1.8JT

    look!! Full RS4 Factory Styling! What a joke.
  5. 1.8JT

    My first coil pack failure.

    As it says on the tin. Spirited driving & then it felt like i was setting off in 6th. Its quite worrying as you always fear the worst. Quick scan & error stated that there was misfire on cylinder 2. Luckily there was the Bradford Audi within walking distance so bought 1 (made sure it was...
  6. 1.8JT

    Some idiot hit my car.

    I was following somebody into my work carpark this morning and security would not let him enter so he deceided to reverse into my car. He had quite a run up & i was fully expecting there to be some damage. Looking at the car in the dark (underground car park) i cant really see any damage...
  7. 1.8JT

    1.8T 190 spark plug questions

    Apologies if this has been asked before but what are the best spark plugs for a 2004 1.8T 190 (BEX ENGINE CODE) I have read posts which state copper are better than the platinum etc (i am aware that copper foul quicker that the platinum) Also what should the gap be. Thanks
  8. 1.8JT

    Oil question. 190bhp

    I have a 1.8t (190) & noticed that the oil was a bit low. I bought 0 - 40 castrol edge( i know i should of refered to the forum first!) I have no idea what oil was in there in first place ( was taken off of the AVS & on to fixed 3 mts ago ) & am worried that it may do more damage. My...
  9. 1.8JT

    Help Needed- Rear Wiper problem.

    Dont know if this has happened to anyone but my rear wiper has today started playing up. Sometimes it wont work. Then it will go half way + then stop & then just stay there. And then go back really slow& juddery! The washer still works fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. 1.8JT

    The Dredded Sludge

    There seems to be lots of threads regarding 'sludge' & the 1.8t engine. After reading many posts regarding this problem I went and spoke to my local audi specialist to see if i should change oil pump + oil feed pipe, as a preventative measure. Speaking to the mechanic he said i shouldnt need...
  11. 1.8JT

    Embarrassed by a rover 75 (nearly)- 1.8T 190

    Driving to work today I decided the car in front was driving a little too slow. So I started to overtake. I thought that my Audi a4 1.8T 190 would have ample punch to outdrag this old mans car. Being a C*ck the guy started to accelerate too, and in a comedy moment we proceeded to drive side by...
  12. 1.8JT

    New mem first post! 1.8t s-line Question

    Hello, This is my first post as i have only been an audi owner for 1 day! I picked up my 04 plate 1.8t avant (190) S-Line yesterday with 77k miles. Which i am really pleased with. I understand these cars dont need the timing belt doing until 115k but im wanting to get it done soon. I...