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    SQ5 67 plate sq5 steering fault

    Best bet is really to get it scanned otherwise its just guess work. Few threads I'd seen back in the day of ownership of an SQ5 was that the steering rack was replaced in each of their cases (not cheap!) But again, until you get it scanned... it could be sensor/dirt on a sensor, some sort of...
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    Replacement Number Plates

    Thanks for this - I'll be honest... I've not had a good first run with these guys. It's relatively minor but the first time I ordered plates, they not only arrived late but the fixings I paid extra for never arrived. Contacted them numerous times and they failed to respond until a review went...
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    Black Edition wheels?

    Yup as per above, they're the PQH. Again looking at the brochure, this was an option on the Black Edition so chances are it was just specced that way Other signs of the BE is the bose sound system, privacy glass, obviously the lack of chrome though the picture does show this, flat bottom...
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    Black Edition wheels?

    One thing you could do is grab the sticker in the boot with all the PR codes and look them up. Pretty sure one of them is the one identifying what set came with the car - I believe it should be PQ3 My black edition (2015) did come with the 21" rotors. Looking at the brochure, it does confirm...
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    SQ5 67 plate brake servo replacement

    My 18 plate SQ5 had gone in for the same issue...creak + clang on letting go and it was indeed the servo at fault. I found a TPI about it and got them to do it under warranty at the time although interestingly, the invoice states around £900 for parts. They also confirmed it was part of the TPI...
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    SQ5 Possible new sq5 owner

    Going to assume its the 3.0 tfsi FY model and not the previous model I purchased mine pretty much bang on the mileage as yours and sold it 1000 miles later but not due to anything being wrong. I had all the history and up to the point of the 34500 miles, there had not been any major warranty...
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    Q2 All windows down ?

    I would say the most obvious thing that comes to mind is it is possible that the unlock button was pressed down. There is an option in the MMI to switch on/off this feature whereby you hold the unlock button down and the windows go down, hold the lock button down, windows go up. I know many...
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    SQ5 SQ5 white vs. SQ5 Sportback ultra blue

    I've just got rid of my SQ5 (normal not SB) We got a beast of a german shep easily in the boot although this was without the use of a crate. If the sportback is anything like the A7, I really struggled with the A7 boot. Getting anything closer to the opening was a no no if it had any sort of...
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    Q7 Time to upgrade, Q7 or an A7 (2017 onwards)

    I suppose part of it is what you do with the car... I went from A7 to an SQ5. Loved the A7, Loved the SQ5 but two very different cars. The biggest thing about now going to an A is the height and boot. For me, I now have to carry a bulky pram which meant the A7 was out hence the change...Boot...
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    SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs

    It is annoying you can't get service plans for the S series but that is a big difference. I assume you are in a JCT area? I am looking at a car or two from a JCT branch but one of the biggest challenges is distance (300 odd miles) - having said that, I have usually only read positive things...
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    SQ5 Seat Cover

    I have an equally weird response but I'm sure others will have a better solution. Amazon do a lawnmower cover so you can essentially put the mower in it and leave outside if you don't have indoor storage or like me, you do but prioritise car bits. Might want to check dimensions but you might be...
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    SQ5 Engine ticking SQ5

    Injectors is exactly what the dealership said in my case Beemad - might be worth grabbing a video and uploading it for us to watch/compare maybe? If injectors are indeed the noise you're hearing then we'll save you the £60
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    SQ5 Engine ticking SQ5

    Is this the facelift/petrol engine? If so, mine does too- had it ever since I got it last year at 35k (2018) but dealership twice has said this is normal and compared it to another SQ5 on the forecourt. I think I asked on a few forums for a favour to get a recording of their engine bay but no...
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    SQ5 Air con

    Here is my thread with the errors that popped up using VCDS
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    SQ5 Air con

    Had exactly the same issue when I got mine (18 plate ) last year. Turned out the condenser had hole in it - was frustrating as during test drive it wasnt obvious as like yours, it shows it as on initially but later switches off and you can't select it. All in, it was around £600 to fix but the...
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    SQ5 Paint problems with 21" wheels

    Yup def looks like bad prep of the wheels. Had this a while back with a dealer and got them to pay a dedicated alloy refurb company to sort them out
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Interesting you mention brake servo (and also steering column) - what were the symptoms on both? Reason I ask is mines going in to have the servo replaced due to a "clang" when letting go of it though its being done under warranty as opposed to a recall.
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Recalls can be frustrating but equally I think its good we have a manufacturer who is acting on them quickly. I stumbled across and if the figures are anything to go by, Audi are under average vs others. I think...
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    Q3 Google Earth seems to be working again

    Sorry I should have been clear - the SQ5 is a 2018 model but the Q3 we have is the 2015 facelift model which I assume has a similar system to your SQ5 2016?
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    Q3 Google Earth seems to be working again

    Hi all, Bit of an odd one because in the SQ5 I've already had an update to the maps from Google earth to whatever the new Audi partnership is (I forgot what its called) But following a thread on possibly another forum which I cannot for the life of me fine stating Google Earth works, I checked...