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  1. mk1kid

    Need help identifying turbo

    Hi got a cracked exhaust manifold so took it off yesterday but has had a smaller flange welded on and can't find any info on turbo unit on the blue tag it says spec vu6b Serial number rh0613021654 Parts number 142047 it says ihi Japan on it any help very greatfull
  2. mk1kid

    Did anyone on here own v163 pba red s3

    Just bought my first s3 just wondered if anyone had owned it on here ect it's got a big turbo external wastegate etc but unsure what turbo is just after a general spec etc
  3. mk1kid

    what downpipes are people using for a3 agu engines

    thinking to upgrade my downpipe as i have a decat system already and fitting a ko3 this summer as mines smoking just thought well if exhaust is off etc why not upgrade downpipe but stumped on what options or which way to go about it
  4. mk1kid

    how do you know if n75 valve is nackered

    hi lads just trying to work out why im only getting 0.4 boost checked for boost leaks etc just thinking is my n75 valve faulty?
  5. mk1kid

    i have a 1998 a3 agu engine what n75 shall i get and n249 as only getting 0.4 boost

    hi been looking few some posts and most people say replace the n75 with a n75j???? i wanted to fit a manual boost controller but without a remap is pointless i was told. the next thing was to replace the n75 and n249 valves as cars running sloww
  6. mk1kid

    fitted a forge 007 valve today couple of questions

    hi lads basically i fitted a forge 007 valve today into the standard air pipe and run a pipe from the charge pipe to it and a vacum to underside of inlet manifold. went out for a spin and boost is 0.4 on boost and there is no noise from the 007 is that normal?
  7. mk1kid

    can any1 send or post up a3 agu ecu pinout or confirm pin 40 as tachometer pulse

    as the title says i need a pinout for my a3 as im trying to find what pin i need 2 splice into on the ecu to find the tachometer pulse output
  8. mk1kid

    got a question for all a3 s3 owners 8l chassis

    hi i fitted a double electronic gauge today a boost and tachometer gauge. fitted the boost side of things great but for the tachometer it says on standard coil ignition attach wire to negative side of coil. then says on electronic ignition connect the green wire to tachometer pulse output. now...
  9. mk1kid

    hi lads anyone know where my tachometer pulse output wire is

    hi as title says im tyring to fit a digital tachometer but 1 of the wires needs to go to the pulse output for electronic ignition any help very grateful thanks
  10. mk1kid

    how hard is it to change the turbo on a318t agu engine

    hi lads is there a guide anywere to show u how to change a standard turbo on agu engine mines had it so going to pick up a standard k03 for now but was thinking is it easier enough to do it at home as im pretty mechanically minded but looks a bit of a bas**** to get to and do any help or guides...
  11. mk1kid

    does any1 have a standard diverter valve and pcv or breather pipes

    does any 1 have a standard diverter valve for sale for my 8l a3 18t agu engine also any breather or pcv pipes and n75 valve thanx
  12. mk1kid

    just a quickie lads found oil in intercooler n pipes tday does that mean turbo broke

    hi lads as title says found **** loads of oil in intercooler n pipes today does tht mean turbos broke
  13. mk1kid

    does anyone have a diagram for pcv system on a agu engine

    want to double check all my pcv breather system on my audi a3 agu engine if any1 has a diagram or info i could have thanks
  14. mk1kid

    heres some better pics of my engine bay

    right after speaking to a few members i thought id try shed some light on my problem the n75 valve has 2 outputs the 1 directly on top goes to my actuator the second goes to the metal pipe maybe a charge pipe if tht right now the dv problem on top of my air pipe where the maf is theres a...
  15. mk1kid

    for tuffty and alpine thanks lads

    hi m8 heres a pic of my dv what i was on about hope this helps
  16. mk1kid

    took of pipe to n75 valve and seems quicker??

    hi lads today i took the pipe from the n75 valve off which goes to actuator and seemed quicker the agu engines near on standard just wondered is it safe just to leave it of or any things i can do to make it a bit quicker
  17. mk1kid

    a3 18t agu engine turbo smoking need help what to do plzz read

    hi lads i have a 1998 a3 18t 150 bhp agu engine basically cars smoking when started for few mins so took it to a local garage and done some checks they reckon its turbo related maybe exhaust side seals are fukd so thinking how hard would it be to get a k04 of ebay ive been looking on this forum...
  18. mk1kid

    auto locksmith fixed my clocks issue

    had a mobile locksmith come out today and recode a 2nd hand pair of clocks due to originals smoking they were nackered so he come and coded them all in for me and even cut me a new genuine audi keyblade all for £110 anyone ever need help let me knw il send u his details will post some pics up...
  19. mk1kid

    a3 18t fitted clocks today but now car wont start im desperate for help plz

    hiya today i fitted some clocks due to old 1s dis was faulty but now the car wont run and immobiliser lights flashing i think i need a skc code? just stuck on what code reader i need to retrive the code as there lots on fleabay or is there a temp fix i can do just to get it running or can i...