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    Issue with iOS7 and AMI

    Hi. I've upgrade my Iphone 4S to iOS7 and now have an issue with playing music via AMI cable. The RNSE lists all the songs but in a different order to the phone and when i select a song on the RNSE screen its not the one that actually plays. This only started after upgrading to iOS7. Has...
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    Jeans staining the red leather

    We've got red Nappa leather in our A3 cabby and its already showing signs of blue denim staining on the edges of the seats, after only 3mths from new. What's a good product to get this off, and maybe to protect again it? Thanks all, and Happy New Year!! Gweev
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    I'm a victim of a hit and run

    Last night we heard a bang and clatter outside our house and jumped to look out the window to see a grey van with roof ladders driving past. I shot out the house to find this: Big black scuffs on the rear quarter and the rear wheel is pointing inwards. Not driveable! I'm totally...
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    S-line front bumper - part numbers?

    Hi. I want to do a sport to s-line front bumper conversion on my 2012 cabrio. Please can you tell me what part numbers i need? Thanks.
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    Why cant i order Tech Pack AND Bose?

    Just looking at ordering my wifes's A3 cab and can't select the Technology pack in combo with Bose. Anyone know the reason why? Thanks.
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    2.0TDI 140 drivers - How fast are you going at 2,000rpm in 6th?

    In my old 1.9TDI 130 Golf I could happily cruise along the motorway at around 2,000rpm and return a decent 50+mpg. However in my crappy 308 2.0TDI 140 my motorway mpg has always been poor at mid 40's. So yesterday driving back from Heathrow on the M3 i set the cruise control at a speed to give...
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    Jargon Buster

    As a newbie to this forum and a soon-to-be Audi A3 owner, I'm finding myself a bit of an outsider when it comes to understanding some of the jargon I read. Is it possible to put up a stick of jargon used? What's 8P/P? MY9,10,11,12? What's BE? ET46? CH?, HU? etc etc... I'm confused! Thanks
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    Black headlining in a cabrio

    I'm just wondering whether to stick with the standard black headlining or go for the silver in my new cabrio. I'm thinking maybe with less natural light from the smaller rear glass, rear seat passengers are going to be in the dark most of the time. I've never had a car with black headlining so...
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    What system for A3 Cabrio?

    So, the wife and I just took her next car out for a test drive and with the roof down, the speakers were just farting at us. The car comes with a standard head unit (Concert?) and basic speakers. For like £250 more we can upgrade to the Symphony HU and for £500 we can upgrade to the 'Sound...
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    Premature Member!

    Hi all. I call myself a premature member as I don't actually own an Audi just yet! My company car is due for a change later this year and I will be ordering it in late Spring. As I now ride a motorbike most of the time, the wife gets to choose my next company car and she wants a cabrio. I have...