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    Smoking on idle, injector seals

    Made another thread but cant seem to find it. I have a intermittent smoking problem on idle, Seems to come and go mainly when warm but can also do it when cold. Some days its preety clean and clear other days it chucks loads out. Seems to be a grey/white colour maybe with a blue tinge. I have...
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    Intermittent smoking on idle

    Been on here for a while but not posted much lately, basically i have a a4 b7 2.0tdi bre engine avant and it has developed a intermittent smoking problem and is really getting on my t*ts The car has had the egr deleted along with the cooler, decatted and mapped to suit with a hybrid turbo and...
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    a4 b7 rs4 brakes on a4 b7 front and rear

    As title suggests really, i beleive the front brakes are a straight swap onto my car. Has anyone fitted the rear to a non quattro b7 as all the guides i find are for b6 quattro models and modification is needed to the carrier and hub on the rears Cheers
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    number plate plinth no recess

    looking for a number plate plinth with no recess but whilst searching can only find the ones with either chrome or black strips top and bottom, do they do one without these strips or will i need to fill and smooth them Cheers
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    mode button on mfsw not working after retrofit

    Hi I have recently fitted a mfsw and cruise to my a4 b7 to go along with my rns-e and audi bluetooth, everything on the mfsw works fine except the mode button, when its pressed i beleive it should show my phone book and radio information on the dis but it does nothing, is there anything that...
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    r32 front seats into a4 avant

    Basiclly as title suggests, i have some r32 konig heated leather front buckets and would like to fit these into my avant (yes the r logo will be going when they are fitted up proper) i imagine i will have to cut weld and modify both seats subframes to work but was just wondering has anyone done...
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    rs4 engine covers

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the rs4 engine side cover and battery covers, id b looking two get all clips covers ect
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    wing mirror indicators compatability

    Basicly i would like two remove my side repeaters and have them in the mirrors, are any other model mirrors similar so that the bases can b swapped over like ive done in the past with my mk4 golf mirrors and lupo stubbys, im thinking maybe from a a3 or a b8 a4 Cheers
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    rns-e, bluetooth phone sync problem

    Basiccly iv had my rnse and bluetooth for a while now with no problems, Conected many diffrent phones and all have sync'd my contacts and call logs. Swapped phones again the other night and connected it and all was fine, but in the last two days it wont fully sync with my phone, it shows dialed...
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    twin exhaust valance

    Does any one have the part number for a valance for a b7 avant s line, with the twin exhaust cut outs, and a rough idea of price
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    removing audi factory headunit will sat nav still work

    Planning on removing the factory headunit and fitting a double din, question is will my sat nav still work as it is the type which is displayed in the cluster
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    Egr Delete Advice

    Hi all Basicly the pipe from the tubro/exhaust which goes to the egr cooler has broke, so im now considering my options, basicly thinking of removing the egr valve ect and the egr cooler. i have read a re-map is needed but im not realy to botherd about this any suggestions what i should do...
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    b8 roof rails on b7

    As title says realli is it possible or has anyone fitted b8 closed/flush roof rails to a b7 avant, or can some be bought for else were,
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    Wigan dill's A4 B7 Avant

    hi, been on here for a while, mainly for info when i was k04 ing my golf, now got a new car after the golf's turbo decided it dint like playing ball so picked this up last friday Then this happend saturday (day after i got it lol) Excuse the marks on the back bumper, was like this...
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    relentless v3 manifold runner problems

    As above realli has anyone had any problems with the relentless v3 k04 manifold, i droped my car of at r-tech yesturday for mapping with a k04 and niki hapened two mention that a batch of the v3 manifolds had runners ehich didnt align up with the exhaust ports on the head, anyone else...
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    Relentless v3 manifold and downpipe k04-022/-23

    hi all just joined up, im looking two purchase a v3 relentless manifold and downpipe for a ko4-022/023 conversion i am doing on a agu engined Golf ( please dont all shock me for having a golf) i have been emailing the supplier in america and he said two join here as his uk supplier is based on...