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  1. DavidR

    Online Poker...

    I'm bored. Fancy playing some texas hold'em online. Not interested in gambling - just for fun. Any suggestions of where to go without getting scammed?
  2. DavidR

    James May...

    James Daniel May (born 16 January 1963, in Bristol) is an English television presenter and journalist best known as co-presenter of BBC Two motoring show Top Gear, along with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. He also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph's motoring section. May...
  3. DavidR

    Vauxhall Vectra V6

    Well... Roll up... Let the public decide :) :laugh:
  4. DavidR

    Mad Sunday 2006 Video
  5. DavidR

    Video's of another new exhaust for the 911! A little quiet perhaps!

    Another hour of sweat and blood leads to my second sports exhaust for the 911. This one louder than the last! Properly rude... David.
  6. DavidR

    My sadly departed 200sx - Video!

    This was a track car / drift car I ran for about 1.5 years. Minimal costs / maximal fun... Not difficult to see why it's life was short Clicky......
  7. DavidR

    911s in the snow..... Videos!

    Took a weekend drive in the Scottish Highlands with some friends. 996 C4S (Ess_Three), 993 C2S, 993 C4 (Me), 964 C4 and M3 (Mark R, former S3 keeper).... Great roads as ever, a superb drive and we found some very snowy car parks and couldn't resist a wee spin! The 996 and 993 C4s were excellent...
  8. DavidR

    3.2 Exhaust Flap Disabled.

    I did this to my old man's 3.2 at the weekend using a line clamp. The effect is very subtle isn't it? Good though. Anyone else tried it yet?
  9. DavidR

    DIY Jargon Explained...

    Rotate anticlockwise. Clamp with mole grips then beat repeatedly with hammer anticlockwise. This is a snug fit. You will skin your knuckles! This is a tight fit. Not a hope in hell matey! As described in Chapter 7... That'll teach you not to read through before you start, now you...
  10. DavidR


    Sat down to watch the top gear repeat on BBC 2 this evening to find that in the rest of the civilised world it's on as advertised, but the at BBC2 Scotland have replaced it with some house program.
  11. DavidR

    S3 gone to a new home....

    Hope it's well looked after... Can anyone guess what it's replaced by?
  12. DavidR

    Nothing for free? I think not....

    It pays to ask. My insurance renewal was due today and the current company (adrian flux) quoted a renewal at £960. I contacted direct line last week who wanted £400 (before the A4 page of mods) and £700 afterwards... I phoned adrian flux today in the vain hope of an improved quote (never...
  13. DavidR


    Some avatars have been deleted due to them being innapropriate. I'm sure this does not require further explaination, but bear in mind that the forum is not just limited to children OVER the age of 20.... Repeat offenders will have a 7 or 14 choice
  14. DavidR

    Anyone tried....

    Faustino, tinto gran reserva 1995? A very very fine rioja available from Tescos (you'll spot it at the expensive end of the red wine in a frosted bottle with silver thread on it) If you haven't then do - it's sublime. Any other recommendations?
  15. DavidR

    Dyson - top company!!

    I don't normally sing the praises of large companies but I must make an exception with Dyson. My hoover started to suck all the crap from the floor straight into the filter before the motor and therefore stopped sucking and made odd noises. Dyson's website has helpful instructions on how to...
  16. DavidR

    FAO Imola S3

    I got your PM but your inbox is full so I cannot send a reply. I'm not sure if the new software informs you that the inbox is full... Can you confirm?
  17. DavidR

    What with all this...

    ...bling on the board all of a sudden. Too much talk of neon lights, huge wheels and silly lights. I mean, really! What happened to just going faster, stopping quicker and going round corners. All this posing is quite upsetting. I'm off to dust down my slippers and light up a Henri Winterman
  18. DavidR


    Is a great circuit for a weekend blast...
  19. DavidR

    Views on the Road Angel 2?

    especially compared to the original road angel.... to me, it's rather stylised, a little bling and my limited contact with it and its talking voice is not great. But, I haven't used one on the road, and wonder if it's worth getting at a good price? Cheers.