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    Possible New Group Buy - Look!

    Right, A few months back I tried to organise a group buy on Morpheous range of products, the supplier let me down and various other things meant it went a bit pete tong! Anyway, I now have a contact direct at Morpheous who make all the products and they are prepared to deal with us and give...
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    Car Change...Again!

    Well decided there is no point having a summer car sitting around all winter when the money could be sitting in my bank So the Elise is gone ....long live the Elise! A truly great car, no frills just a bl**dy good drive and looks pretty good too. I would recommend one to anyone, not tarted...
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    Photo Gallery!

    This is looking a bit bare! All member get a free picture album to upload car pics or just any pics! I'm just sorting out mine to upload, so come on everyone look out at least a couple of pics to upload and we will have a great gallery!
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    Removing Car Badging!

    I want to remove the 'Lotus' lettering from the rear of the car. The lettering is slightly raised and it letter is individually stuck on. what is the best way to remove them?
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    New Addition to the Fleet!

    As the Elise is not really a winter car, I have had to buy something else to use during the winter months
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    Graphics Help Required!

    Guys, could do with someone who knows about these things to give me a hand, it is for a banner style graphic with some text across it. suggestions and offers of help please
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    Should I buy an Elise?

    Think it is time to change the car and looking at a 2yr old Elise. I think they rock etc. Give me your thoughts guys!
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    NTL Broadbrand?

    Hi, I have seen that NTL now do a broadband package with access at 150k flat rate 24/7 access for just £17.99 which is only £2 more than I pay for unlimited access via ordianry dial up. What I want to know is how good is NTL service and how good is there service provsion, i.e can you get...
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    Millionaire Major - Guilty!

    They have found him and his two co conspiriters guilty!
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    Cool Site!

    Hey thought I fancied a new job so running a country sounded good! You can do the same for free at NationStates! Just Click the link to join! I Want to Run a Country!
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    Amusing and Clean Download!

    <center> </center> Download your very own Esheep, Excellent and probably the most famous of desktop characters, Shaun the sheep does everything from eating, sleeping and running to urinating and falling to a splat at the bottom of the screen, you can pick him up with the mouse and drop him...
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    The Big Question - War

    <FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=""><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="pollname" VALUE="1046448615Moresauce"> War - Yes or No <input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Yes - Regardless <input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />Yes - Only with UN Approval...
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    FAO - GTDog

    So are you going to tell us all about your new set of wheels for the ankle biter......even if it is a BMW !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Petrol Ted on Safety

    I went to the cinema the other day. Nothing unusual in that - except that they now serve sausage rolls - but I did notice one change. Gone were the entertaining mini-dramas from Pearl and Dean. I missed the exciting music, the flickery, grainy advert for the Moghul Tandoori and for hot dogs that...
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    Rude Mechanic's could be ******!

    SHUT THE **** UP! Wednesday 26th February Garages warned that bad language could cause legal hassles Swearing in the workplace gone unchecked could lead to preventative legal action, warns the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) today. The use of extreme...
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    Caterham launch Oil Brand

    CATERHAM OILS Monday 17th February Caterham launch branded oils developed by Comma Caterham has launched its own brand range of oils in conjunction with Comma. The new Caterham lubricants have been specially developed for the MG X Power engines. The synthetic 5W/50 oil is...
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    Thieving Scum!

    THIEVES AT WORK Tuesday 18th February Be careful where you leave your keys when you take your car in for servicing Letterbox theives are now targeting car dealers in their quest for high value cars. Dealers around Cambridge have lost a number of cars recently to thieves who have stolen...
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    Speed Humps Kill!

    999 patients 'killed by speed bumps' By Joe Murphy, Whitehall Editor, Evening Standard 27 January 2003 Speed bumps are killing hundreds of Londoners each year by delaying 999 crews, the head of the ambulance service has told the Evening Standard. Measures such as road humps and...
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    ABD Attack Joyriders

    In response to the jailing of Ian Carr last week, the ABD has called for all joy-riding offences to be taken more seriously, with more effort put into apprehension and tougher sentences on conviction. Carr was convicted after the stolen car he was driving crashed into a family hatchback...
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    Speed Camera Backlash Continues!

    The backlash against speed cameras is growing and it won't be long before someone gets hurt. Detectives in Northamptonshire are investigating an explosion by a speed camera on the A605 at Thrapston. The camera was destroyed and metal fragments were found fifty feet away. Whilst many cameras in...