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    For audi a4 b9 2016 can i activate adblue level in mmi?
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    VCDS Modifications

    For adblue to show in mmi level . I have a4 b9 2016 DeUA 2.0 tdi ultra . What adaptation and coding I need to do with obdeleven. Thanks
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    Fault code !

    Hi . I have this fault code and I can't deleted
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    2018_19 MMI Map Update

    I activate navigation I make card with maps 2019 but how I will download 2019/2020 maps because from I dont see to have maps update . I enter VIN number but dont show me update maps. Can someone to help me with maps for MIBHS.
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    2018_19 MMI Map Update

    Hi guys. I have a issue with my mmi. Somebody can activate function navi to a4 b9 2016 g