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    B9 S4 20-36k transmission oil change

    Morning all, When my B9 S4 was in for a service earlier this year the dealership mentioned that I should think about booking the transmission oil change which is due between 20-36k miles. At that point I wasn't even at 20 and it sounds like a pretty broad guideline for mileage so haven't done...
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    Had a bad Audi week

    No particular question, just sharing a comically bad week where Audi is concerned... Have had an intermittent fault with my B9 S4 for a while now where the main cooling fans would come on and stay on full power even on a cold start, making the car sound like a taxiing aircraft all the time...
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    Winter Tyres - B9 S4

    Seems like lots of the tyre places are now offering a tyre hotel service for summer/winter tyre swaps so thinking about winter tyres as we get towards October/November. I live in the south east, so it's hardly remote or particularly cold but we do have a baby due in the middle of January and...