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    Rns-e advice please

    Thanks for the reply! Shame is they seem a bit few and far between, shows discontinued on many peoples websites! What's this I hear about the coding for the stereo? And is that all I need ( kuratec ima and the alpine?) I also like idea of video in and out, does The kuratec do that as well? Sorry...
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    Rns-e advice please

    Hi all, have I been a noob and done something incorrect , or is it just me? No one is replying to my posts and or my PM's .. Is anybody out there?? :crying:
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    Rns-e advice please

    Hi all, I'm looking to pick up an intergrated iPod solution for the rns-e, I'm thinking of the alpine kce 425i, anybody got any other options? Also the rumour's are that I need a multimedia interface and recode to allow it to work. Is that correct? Please help :)
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    Planning add-ons to RNS-E please help

    Hi All, just started looking to upgrade my RNS-E for Bluetooth (oem usability or close as poss), IPOD and video interface, Ive seen so many different options and to be honest I'm now officially confused and scared about requirements to code etc..... I guess i can sum up in one word HELP?