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    Lowering on coilovers and anti-roll bars.

    I had AP Colies fitted to mine and dropped about 35 to 40mm with no problems and now on 18s but, i wont be going any lower. DC
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    Engine code/ turbo???

    I thought the 180bhp A3 1.8T was unique to the quattro version? DC
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    Is This Meant To Be Soft ??

    Yep i think it is. You can buy a Forge silicone hose kit and replace all the boost hoses, my wife bought hers from DPM Performance, but it dosnt include the Turbo Intake. DC.
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    Is this oil any good?

    Aragorn. I draw you attention to your 3rd paragraph. I only stated that we used Edge 5w 30 in out engines, and was attacked for saying so, and that it is not within VW spec. At the end of the day its the oil of our choice for our 1.8Ts, and iv no problem with anyone running 5w 40 or any oil...
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    Is this oil any good?

    "The only VW mentions on that page are about longlife oil, and if your running your car on longlife servicing then you really have no clue and shouldnt be voicing your thaughts on this matter" Wow Arogance or what: Get your sheeps head off: Aragorn..Casrtol Edge is a top quality oil and in...
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    Anybody driven a3 3.2 V6?

    My A3 has instant throttle response and, Turbo spins up at just over 2000 rpm. DC
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    Min oil level dash light and snapped dipstick guide tube, Part No?

    Wont cost much for a new dipstick and easy to fit. We check our oil levels weekly. DC
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    Is this oil any good?

    The Math....No You discuss it with Castrol! Arnt the specs in your pics now all obsolete. oil tech has moved on a bit since. Engine Oil and Lubricants Castrol UK - Castrol Edge Car Engine Oil FAQ's DC
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    What's everyone's feeling about these on a black 1.8t?

    A no no from Him and Her, but if you like them then thats all that matters. DC
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    Castrol Edge in Wilkinsons

    National Tyres will do you an oil change, Castrol Edge, for £36 inc filter but you have to book on line and then book into your nearest depot. DC
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    Last minute advice

    Ok sorry about that, i remember when i bought my car i had the same problem so i phoned the seller and he gave the V5 ref number. DC
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    AGU spark plugs

    If your happy with the super 4s stick with them. DC
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    Last minute advice

    If you know the REG you can do a check on the MOT history for free. you will find it on the gov vehicle reg site, and as already said do a HPI check also on-line. DC
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    how to adjust rear coilovers???

    You should have a tool that you attach and then wind up or down, there may be a locking nut to losen first, sorry if this is not too clear but best i can describe. DC
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    Is this oil any good?

    5w 30 is not too thin even when hot, its well within Audi spec, period. Edit: 1.8t tuning DC
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    Is this oil any good?

    So if you dont run Quantum you will knacker your engine, why dont Audi state this in the owners had book? DC
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    Is this oil any good?

    Its not too thin, i even used 5w 30 fully synth in my 6 in line 24 valve beemer for over 4 years. The oil is well within spec for turbos and multi valve engines. DC
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    Had a nightmare! (coolant leak)

    Yeah hard luck but, I have trouble in seeing how it can pop out with the clip firmly in place, so i suspect it wasnt attached properly and out popped the sensor under pressure. Camscockle...easy diy job to fit. DC
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    Is this oil any good?

    We both use Castrol edge 5w 30 in our cars, however, if we had high mileage cars we would move to 5w 40. At that price for Magnatec its a bargain and for top quality oil too. DC
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    A3 1.8t 17705 fault code HELP

    Probably not much use to you but, my wifes car has had this fault code since she bought the car some 18 months ago. its a boost/vac leak but we just cant find it. Her car runs great and as good as my car that has no such error code, so we are not to bothered about it. DC