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  1. MikeS4

    Buying an S5 - advice please

    Hello, I'm currently looking at aquiring a used S5 auto & wanted to ask a few questions & get some feedback from other owners. I would be looking at a 2007/8 but the current brochure states that the S5 comes with tiptronic as opposed to s-tronic (DSG), other web searches talk about s-tronic...
  2. MikeS4

    The General Public

    I know exactly what you mean, quite often these scenarios happen to me over parking aswell. Only yesterday I decided to take the family out to Alexander Palace, so on finding a paking space I indicated, moved forward to reverse park in. As I turned round, some complete wank3r shot accross from...
  3. MikeS4

    Question Time

    Interesting read but the article also states: "That nearly one quarter of British people might vote for a neo-Nazi party with views inimical to democracy, human rights and common decency is truly appalling. "
  4. MikeS4

    Cracked mirror - stained paint

    My wife's Lexus suffered a shattered wing mirror, as a result the phosphoric gel which is used to dimm the mirror in bright light has leaked out and stained the door with green patches. I managed to clean most of off using just a damp soft cloth but there's still visible traces all over the...
  5. MikeS4


    :wtf:"Andy spent £60,000 on modifications" I don't care if it can out do a space shuttle, 60K is too much to chuck at a mk1 golf. That kind of wedge can get an R8 these days.....
  6. MikeS4

    My Brute

    Feeling brave anyone?
  7. MikeS4

    All traces of Britain slowly being eroded

    Can't realy agree with you on this, my folks moved to the UK in the 60's & none of what you have written applies to them or me. Yes, we may have different ideals & values but that has never prevented us from co-existing with anyone else. They never looked to create their old home here or set up...
  8. MikeS4

    Selling a SORN vehical

    Has anyone got any experience selling a SORN car? I'm selling my dad's old Volvo which has been declared SORN. My concern is who will be liable if the new owner then decides to risk driving it away before re-taxing & gets caught on a camera. The log book states: "The Registered Keeper will...
  9. MikeS4

    Think you can drive?

    Check this out:
  10. MikeS4


    As a result of this sellers now wait till they receive feedback from the buyer before leaving theirs, this has happened twice to me recently.
  11. MikeS4


    If you go for Sham then Na'am bay is where all the clubs, bars & restaurants are at but i found it too touristy. I would recommend one of the nicer 5-star hotels which are a few miles north form Na'am such as the Savoy or Ritz Carlton, they should provide shuttle buses to get about...
  12. MikeS4

    I think I've been cheated!

    If what you have said is all there is to this deal then yes you have been done like a kipper and by a main dealer. He may not necessarily have lied to as it may have been inintially sold (and returned) but he was not completely open to the fact that he was selling you the same car at a £1k...
  13. MikeS4

    Classic Car Insurance.

    Jojo if you're after some inspiration, check this: I'm paying £220 classic car insurance for my 635csi, with a 5k limit....
  14. MikeS4

    Next car...

    BMW Z4's worth considering, i used to have one & loved it. Superb RWD handling, peach of an engine & ther're surprisingly practicle. You should be able to find an early 2003 for 10k-ish...
  15. MikeS4

    My new Ride *Pics*

    I realy like it, whats the cost of buying & running a car out there compared to UK?
  16. MikeS4

    Still worth having a diesel??

    i've never run a diesel myself, but don't they also burn a lot more oil then petrol cars. another extra cost worth bearing in mind..
  17. MikeS4

    Help me decide what to do!

    This gets my vote, and in 6months time use the 5k, the proceeds from the selling the volvo & your 16v as a down payment on a new Scirocco......happy days.
  18. MikeS4

    Best place to buy a kit??

    My kit arrived today, ordered on 10/02 so took seven working days from the US. The order was this one: which consists of: 1x BLACKFIRE PolyClay II Clay Bar ( 8 oz.) 1x 16 oz. BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant 2x Microfiber Power Scrubber Cloths 1x 16...
  19. MikeS4

    Best place to buy a kit??

    oops... i totally forgot about customs charges, maybe not so much of a bagain. I'll let you know the total amount & delivery time once i have it. Mike.
  20. MikeS4

    Best place to buy a kit??

    I've just ordered a Blackfire kit from this place: They're based in the states but with the current exchange rate i may have saved a few pennies.