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    Discs/pads for B7 RS4?

    Hi I am looking at a relatively high-mileage RS4 and am trying to work out what it needs, including whether it needs new discs/pads. I asked the selling Audi dealer whether it did and got the following info in reply: Front Brakes: - Off Side Disc 34mm (limit 32mm) - Off Side Pads 14mm...
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    RS4 - How to link mobile to Sat-Nav/MMI?

    Help! My father has a new RS4 Avant (B7) and had successfully linked his Samsung mobile into the factory-fit Sat Nav/MMI system via Bluetooth. However he just got a new mobile, also a Samsung, which is refusing point-blank to "find" the car by bluetooth link. My Motorola V3i is also refusing...