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  1. GregS3


    For sale is my MTM Cantronic for a Pre Facelift S3 (8V). For comprehensive information, please view the following thread;–-mtm-m-cantronic-tuning-box-fitting-installation-guide-–-s3-8v-model.267054/ and...
  2. GregS3

    Rear seatbelt rattle/missing parts

    Hi all, I'm looking for some information regarding the rear side passenger seatbelt straps in my 2016 PFL S3 saloon. I've owned the car for just over a month and I've noticed a really annoying rattle coming from the rear of the cabin area. I have narrowed it down to the seatbelt buckles...
  3. GregS3

    Custom "S3" Branded Floor Mats (8V)

    Hi all, I've been doing some digging in search of a set of Genuine Audi S3 branded mats for my 2016 Saloon. It turns out that these only exist for LHD models in the EU/US/other markets. I'm not sure if this has been done before - I couldn't find anything using the 'Search' function. So, I...
  4. GregS3

    S3 (8V) Newbie

    Hi all, Just introducing myself as I've done on other forums in the past. Greg, from the west coast of Scotland, however with work I'm often in the south of England - I don't want to be too specific with my location as I believe the car I've just bought is the most nicked car in the country...