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    Vag Union Saturday 18th October Salford Quays

    Anyone fancies coming across to the VAG Union meet at Salford Quays on Saturday 18th October. Starts at 3pm and it'll be held in the large car park next to Chiquitos off Trafford Road.
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    Is the other forum poorly?

    Would think at your age you'd be a little bit more grown up! It's back, Just a server error so sorry to dissapoint a few of you.
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    Stolen rs3

    Shared on the forum and the Facebook page !!!!
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    Considering this RS3 any thoughts/advice ?

    An even better suggestion.... Find someone that would do a swap !
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    Who else has liked the Facebook RS3 page?

    Not quite right, lol
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Had mine done, Few been offered it here; Breaks fix anyone yet? - General Chat - Official Audi RS3 Owners Club But no its not out officially for a couple of weeks
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    RS3 Interior

    The 'triangle' bits is a good option to have, I think it looks great an something i'm planning in the future. I'd say keep it all the same, go for all carbon or all coloured. Personally i like the idea of carbon skinning the existing trim. Mines Piano black and it doesn't make it too dark...
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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........ These guy's are dreaming

    Yea it's been for sale already for some time.... Surprisingly lol Oh and 45k for a car with no warranty as its void ! :search:
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    Intake options

    Exactly what ive opted for, K&N Panel filter from Revolution-motorsport did the job nicely! I've seen/suffered first hand with heat soak on other cars so i'm no longer an intake kinda guy.
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    new late 2013 rs3 wtf!!!!

    Articles from Jan 2012 ! All it mentions is the new A3 model at the Geneva show.... As said wont be til late 2024-15
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    The plan is to roll the fix out nationally in the next couple of weeks now they are satisfied it works. The only delay is getting a shed load of parts delivered now for everyone!
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    I'm not saying a word.................

    Go on! I've just been down and pointed out the issue to the dealer, They agreed it should not be flaking like that so are going to sort it along with the stone chips they've added.
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Just popped down to inspect the car, Its had pads and i certainly would say calipers too! They are way to clean to be the old ones! The design looks the same. No discs though :sob:
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Going to be a delay on its return... They've found stone chips that weren't documented so its having those sorted! oh and we've asked they look at the bumper/arch flaking paint while its there!
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Had an email stating the "fix" has eradicated brake squeal and my car is being delivered back to Preston Audi today! Hopefully tomorrow ill be able to let you all know if it has worked and indeed what's changed !!
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    Front Mount Fitted :)

    Great figures, Like has been said its a shame we didnt see what it produced before hand. These cars seem to produce more bhp than claimed anyway..... AS P_G has pointed out on his. I'm going to get mine RR'd soon (2nd cats and KN filter) so it'll be god to compare a few fairly standard cars...
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    I'm not saying a word.................

    Dont think its normal John, Its come off in flakes not stone chip sized pieces. It'll be going in for them to assess as soon as it comes back, Ive only got 3500 on the clock so wouldnt expect it to be that bad even with my driving style...... Lets be honest 90% of its job is a daily commute...
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    I'm not saying a word.................

    I noticed as I washed mine before it went away it was doing the same thing in the exact same place, more came off whilst jet washing! Itll be going in to be sorted once I get it back
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    Brake Squeal - update from Bavaria

    its simply been released in Germany first, trust me there's a fix as my cars in having it done
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    Front Mount Fitted :)

    Following with interest! My guess would be 20 for both! A low but realistic guess, did Forge claim 20 or 40 from the intercooler? Exhaust 15 on a turbo car?