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    Help needed - rear car is on axle stand but how to do i release handbrake off while in park

    Hello I want to paint my wheel hubs however the wheels are not rotating while car is jacked up on axle stands on the rear. The car is automatic and in park and handbrake is on which is why the wheel are not moving I am guessing. If I put it in neutral will the handbrake automatically switch off...
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    Where has Mike the parts man aka mjr901 has gone? I need some car parts

    Hello all , hope everyone is safe and well , in 2016 I purchased a few items like number plates and touch up paint etc from mike aka Mjr901 I can’t seem to find him no more does anyone know where he is now I need more products many thanks
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    For Sale 2014 S3 sportback 5dr S Tronic 45k FASH £6.5k optional extras B&O Sat Nav Hill Assist Comfort pack

    Just advertised my car on autotrader here’s the link if anyone is interested Just been mot’d and had a service done at Audi inc brake fluid and 4 wheel drive haldex coupling oil changed car is ready to go to a good home
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    HELP PLEASE! car has been parked up for nearly 7 months and I battery is flat , charge or buy new

    Hello everyone I have been away on work for 7 months and came back to my car and the battery is flat , I’ve had it jump started it fired up managed to get home which was only 2 mins away and parked it up. Few hours later tried to start it again and it’s completely flat no interior lights on...
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    S3 with start/stop - car battery replacement

    Hello all has anyone who owns a Audi s3 8v which has start/stop had there car battery replaced with no issues? I was watching a video where a guy with a golf r , his car battery was knackered but he said you can’t just replace it with a new one yourself you need to take it in to a specialist...
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    Anyone with PFL s3 that has full access to myaudi and all your service history???

    I cannot access myaudi for my 2014 s3 service history records and full car spec etc , I use to be able to see it but not anymore apparently they have changed it... I called Audi to enable it and make me the key user as requested by the myaudi app Audi said they cannot do it because it’s only...
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    audi dealer broke my coil over plug while doing major service no s3 until monday

    taken my s3 in for a major 40k service and while driving to collect my car audi called saying they broke my coil over plug and part wont be in stock till monday and there willing to pay for the part but now im without my pride and joy :( very annoyed as i need my s3 to go to a wedding on sunday...
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    Haldex all wheel drive oil service cost?

    It's that time of year where I need to get my major service on a 3 year old s3 (40k service) I've read the car needs a haldex all wheel drive oil service however there no prices on the booking section on Audi how much are you guys paying for this? I've read some saying £70 and others £100+
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    What brand are genuine front brake pads for Audi s3 8v also how much should it cost fitted?

    i am looking for genuine audi brake pads for my 2014 s3 8v does anyone know the brand ? how much should they cost? and how much should it cost fitting them ? many thanks in advance
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    Anyone with KEYLESS on there s3? i need some help please...

    I have a few questions regarding keyless on my 2014 s3 i purchased last month 1. Should every door handle on a 5 door s3 unlock and lock keyless ? i am only finding the front doors and bootlid work with keyless and not the back rear doors is that normal? 2. If the keyfob battery dies how can i...
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    does anyone know what this part is in my DTUK combo kit ??

    does anone know what this is ? it came with my DTUK combo kit with pedal box and dtuk unit
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    anyone with vcds in Greater Manchester?

    looking to install a dtuk box soon and have been told i should do a general check to see if theres any faults or code on my car and delete them before installation i have looked on the vcds map and have contacted a few people about 1 month ago and no reply from anyone yet
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    who to best contact if you have issues with your Audi

    hello everyone , i have few problems with my audi s3 its still under warranty , i have never in the past had problems with my cars in warranty so its a first. do i just contact my local audi dealership or do i email audi complaints or head office etc....whats best?
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    how to change accent on s3 8v navigation system?

    The annoying woman on my navigation is doing my head in shes sounds very robotic i want to change her accent but cant find how to do it does anyone know?
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    s3 owners do you experience unusual metal rubbing metal sound when accelerating ?

    i purchased my used s3 about 2 weeks ago and notice everytime i accelerate smoothy i can hear a annoying sound which is quiet low to be honest and many passenger cant hear it but because i drive it everyday and i notice it when i push the pedal down and it ruins my experience a little but i dont...
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    does the s3 8v have footwell and puddle lights as standard?

    looking to change the dull yellow lights in my car but i cant seem to see any footwell or puddle light on my car unless there's a way to have them switched on... can anyone confirm if any of these 2 lights are standard in there s3? i would of thought £30k+ car would have at least footwell light...
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    Lancaster Classic Car Show N.E.C November 11-13th 2016

    Great Family day out 11-13th november at birmingham N.E.C Lancaster Classic Car Show 2016 Mike brewer and edd from wheeler dealers will be there doing a live show and theres also a massive autojumble and so many beautiful cars to see for more information
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    HELP!! Step to make a number plate

    Hello everyone Can someone please tell me what i need to do in order to make a number plate in advance My situations is a little different i have purchased a private number plate and received my v750 certificate of entitlement and at the same time i have put a deposit down on a used car that i...
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    Which is the most trusted GAP insurance company??

    Hello all, I am looking into buying GAP insurance after reading many post of this forum. My question is which company do you guys trust and recommend? I have read a few articles about how we the customer need to be extra careful when buying GAP insurance as some companies will try wriggle...
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    OBD port Theft for Audi

    hello everyone i am new here, can anyone tell me if this subject of obd port theft has been discussed on audi cars? i have purchased a 2014 audi s3 and im not sure are these very easily to steal via obd port like the bmw and ford? what steps can i take to prevent or delay the attempt of theft...