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    Looks the puppies-private mate - 110% better
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    Well after a long wait I picked it up Thursday....

    Nice one steeve, get those pic's posted up. My 3.2 got built last week so it should be here in 3 weeks
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    Didn't see her on the options list!
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    Car Stuck Girls
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    Latest TT Spyshots

    Hatchback version: Source: AMS
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    Chipping 3.2

    Was wondering the same thing myself
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    Superchips TFSI sportback

    thats why i'm selling up, its days are numbered!
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    Superchips TFSI sportback

    Feck me thats quick! either that or the new S4 is VERY slow
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    Part Exchange Can I retract my car?

    Your dealer won't mind, as TDI says, its just hassle for him to sell it on. I always get a price off the dealer and then sell it private at the last min to raise an extra few quid. Even if you don't do a private sale it I bet he'll honour the trade-in price.
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    Pics of civic jordan

    Can we have less pics of the Civic and more of Jordan?
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    any one know how to post videos?

    You'll need somewhere to host it, either your own webspace given to you by your ISP or one of the video hosting sites. Once its hosted you can post a link to it link this:
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    S lines delivery times

    Could be something to do with the location - Hertfordshire V Wakefield, I pay £1000 to insure my S4 Cab, but I do live very close to the gangster capital of the UK. Steph, the exhaust extension is just a push-on item .
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    S lines delivery times

    Steph, the exhaust extension is a £40 chrome tail piece (see below)
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    S lines delivery times

    I've been promised (sic) 6-7 Weeks on a factory order.
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    Yey! It's Friday... have a joke!

    Boom! Boom!
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    Suggestion for Sticky or Static Page in Ownership

    Hi Ian, we do have a Links page already, which members can submit details too. A problem with having a thread full of links is "who vets the company?" Currently we have large number of 'companys' that just register, post a link about themselves as free advertising and then never return. These of...
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    anyone got a can of Optimax & a box of matches? I could fix the problem stright away however it would mean making the forum pay-and-display
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    [ QUOTE ] snoop said: in true audi style, looks like the forum is throwing up a few fault codes, ha ha [/ QUOTE ] Just plugging the VAG.COM in now - whats a blue screen mean?
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    [ QUOTE ] S3_Driver said: I think this site uses mysql: [/ QUOTE ] You only "think" the site use mysql, I thought all the error codes gave that away. Glad that you don't work in IT.
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    Checkpoint 5 means the car is in the paintshop, when it reaches checkpoint 8 then the car in finished but still in some third world bodyshop having that really annoying rattle added that will drive you nuts and the dealer won't be able to locate. Checkpoint 11 is when the car is shipped to...