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    Navarra blue, I'm not impressed

    Thanks azibux1, literally just got off the phone to the dealer who said they had received the swatches, and that it was definitely a darker blue like Mugello / Estoril. That post of the swatch in the other thread helped immensely, not as boring a blue as I first feared, but its not Sepang. At...
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    Navarra blue, I'm not impressed

    I'm not sure that picture does the colour justice, but being in the same boat at the moment I have to say I'm disappointed if that is Navarra blue and may have to go Daytona Grey again. One things this process has shown me is that there is a huge lag between Audi launching products and the...
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    Audi S Line Ronal 5 Spoke Repairs

    Short answer, I don't know. From looking at other auctions the code 8P0601025S keeps cropping up - would have to take the wheel off tomorrow and confirm. If it helps they my car is a 2007 A3 TDI S Line, thought it was the same wheel used on the A4 too.
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    Audi S Line Ronal 5 Spoke Repairs

    Thanks for that, I had thought much the same but despite my efforts I couldn't seem to locate a decent single fleabay, only refurbed ones and was a little concerned the colour would be off.
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    Audi S Line Ronal 5 Spoke Repairs

    Hi Guys After having a brief battle with a curb on the way home tonight I discovered the curb won and has made rather a mess of the edge of one of my S Line alloys - the ones like this Can anyone advise on what paint colour these wheels are, or the nearest shade? I had a search around and...
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    my girlfriends new car

    Looked better on the black wheels, but at least your misses likes modded cars - mine cant understand the concept.
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    Mk2 Golf Project

    Reading this makes me miss my Mk2 VR6 project, something really special about these motors once you had one you always long for another.
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    vw parts

    Always worth going and talking to your local stealers parts department, usually you can get them to give to a good discount - i've spent far to much time and money down at mine that they tend to sell stuff to me at a shade over their cost - very handy at times for the expensive parts.
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    Golf mk4 drivers foot well water ingress

    Didnt realise Mk5's were that bad
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    This months PVW, VR6 content

    Not normally a fan of Mk3's but this one looks pretty sweet
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    Forza 4

    Love the demo, just hoping the misses has got me a copy for Christmas - too lazzy to go and buy it myself :(
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    Xbox 360 Flashed / Backups

    Do you mean having you console JTAG'ed to play unsigned code, or having the DVD drive flashed? I myself have a JTAG'ed one and would agree is farily sweet for playing games on the cheap, but it kind of defeats things as you cant use them for Xbox Live.
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    TV signal

    I dont believe there are any devices on the market for this, best you can probably do is a RF video sender sort of running some more coaxial cable runs.
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    Poor WIFI

    What distance from the router are you trying to get to? As others have mentioned range can be cut by interference on the wireless channel being used, especially if you live in a built up area - try using channels 1,6 or 11 and see if that makes a difference. Outside of that its placement and...
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    3D Tv

    I wanted to like 3D but just makes me ill. Back when they originally announced and demonstrated 3D Sharp where using screens that didn’t require glasses, in my opinion the current implementation isn’t great and will be waiting to see if things improve.
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    Media Player...

    Bluray player with DLNA is another option, best to check formats before buying unless you want to use transcoding software as mentioned by others.
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    Sperm Dona

    My worst fear in life, too many hazzy nights have passed and I wouldnt want to knowly provide the world with more me's
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Bra Cup sizes ( . )( . )

    Fantastic - I'll never be able to look at my sister-inlaw again without laughing after this
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