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  1. pjmspeedy

    Goodyear F1 Asymmetric or Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

    Need to buy some new tyres either tomorrow or Saturday and was wondering which of the above I should get ? So if any of you have either of the above I would be interested to hear your views.
  2. pjmspeedy

    MIDLANDS - Coventry April Meet ?

    Hi guy's and girls, It's been a while since the last meet and now the weather is slowly getting better i thought it would be cool to all meet up again. So what's the best Wednesday in April for everyone ? Lets get a good turn out and be good to see some new members too :icon_thumright:
  3. pjmspeedy

    Toni Poole Terry or Vanessa Perroncel....So which one would you ?

    Seems we have not had one of these polls for a while so I thought lets see who comes out on top! Toni Poole Terry or Vanessa Perroncel
  4. pjmspeedy

    Which I.P Camera ? Anyone got one ?

    I'm after an I.P Camera and was wondering if any of you out there have one and what would you recommend ? I'm currently thinking of this one. I can get it for £150.00 If you do have you also...
  5. pjmspeedy

    HID's with Auto lights

    Has anyone fitted HID's to a car that has Auto Lights ? The reason I ask is that I noticed on the way home tonight that if the switch is on Auto the word "Auto" doesn't light up! I'm sure it did before I fitted my HID's. If you turn the switch to dipped headlights then the word "Auto"...
  6. pjmspeedy

    Amir Khan Rocks........

    First round k/o.... Class :applaus:
  7. pjmspeedy

    What Wax should I buy ?

    Hi All, I have recently polished my car with AG SRP and AG Gloss Protection but now I'm wanting to wax it ready for the winter and was wondering what to buy! The only wax I've ever used before is the AG HD Wax that came out last year (which I would just like to say, it did a good job but it...
  8. pjmspeedy

    Matt Black RS4 Avant - Vienna

    I don't suppose it could be anyone on here ?
  9. pjmspeedy

    Matt Black RS4 Avant

    Thought some of you may like to see this! Taken whist on holiday in Vienna. A little earlier in the day I saw a Matt Black A8 and an X6. Seems to be a popular mod in Austria.
  10. pjmspeedy

    Digital Freeview on RNS-E..Anyone got it ?

    As the title says. Has anyone actually got one of these wired up to their RNS-E ? I was wondering if the quality/reception is any good ?
  11. pjmspeedy

    Vinyl Wrapped Inlays

    Seems Aluminium inlays are rather expensive and like rocking horse s&!t to get hold of I thought I'd have a go at wrapping my original ones. The door inlays are proper Ally ones which I did manage to get from e-bay for a bargain price but I was too impatient to wait for the rest to come along...
  12. pjmspeedy

    If only I was between 3-8yrs old!

    Check this out!,shop.flypage/pid,27085/cid,165/imagenumber,1/zoom,/
  13. pjmspeedy

    Missing Coolant!!!

    Hi Guy's. I just got in my car and as soon as I started it up the horrible "BEEP" sounded to say the coolant was low. Anyway thought that was strange as I have never had to put a drop in it for the last 12 months and plus I checked it the week before! So anyway I popped the bonnet and there...
  14. pjmspeedy

    E-bay VAGCOM Cables

    Hi All - I keep borrowing my friends Vagcom cable but I want one of my own but can't really justify spending £200 odd on a genuine cable from rosstech. I was wondering if anyone out there is selling a genuine one or has anyone bought one off e-bay and if so any chance of providing me with a link...
  15. pjmspeedy

    Extended Warranty

    Hi All - My extended warranty is due to expire in March so I thought I would phone the dealer around the corner from work to see about extending it further. They said-- 1 Yr - £675 (upto 70k) 2 Yrs - £995 (upto 70k) Now both of these include Audi Assist breakdown cover as well but I was...
  16. pjmspeedy

    Changing Interior Light on a Cab ?

    Hi Guy's - One of my interior lights has blown but I can't seem to figure out how you un-clip the panel in order to change the bulb ? I'm scared of breaking it!
  17. pjmspeedy

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

    Has any of you fitted a FBMFSW to a B6 ? I really want to put the RS4 wheel on my car and just wondered how easy it is and what problems I might encounter ? I know I need a new steering control module because my car currently doesn't have a MFSW but I don't know about anything else that I may...
  18. pjmspeedy

    Removing rear light cluster on A4 Cab

    Hi Guy's - How do you remove the rear light cluster on a A4 Cab ? I need to replace a bulb. I have removed the black plastic circle and then undone the bolt which sits behind it but then what ? It feels like there maybe another bolt holding it in but I can't see any others.... What am I...
  19. pjmspeedy

    Which Sat Nav...RNS-E or Kenwood DNX-5220BT ?

    Hello All, Please Help! :sos: I've been thinking about buying an RNS-E for a while now but I remember reading another thread a few weeks ago (on a different forum) Sorry! and someone said that if they were to purchase a sat nav unit now they would go for the Kenwood DNX-5220BT instead of the...
  20. pjmspeedy

    Vauxhall Cavalier 4x4 Turbo

    I thought these always looked cool when the first came out in 1993. So when I was 20 which was errr 1999 (****** hell that long ago!) I bought one a (94 example) and my god was it fast. Owned it for just over 6 years and in that time it cost me a fortune. They did have a few flaws though...