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    S3 - Goodyear Eagle F1 vs Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    My Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2's were at the end of their lives (all 4 worn down equally, which was convenient) so decided to swap them out for something else. Decided to try the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4, as have seen good reviews of them. Got them fitted a couple of days ago and my immediate...
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Hi Just had the bonnet up and thought I'd check all the fluids but the brake fluid level I cannot see - I can't get the yellow filter out of the neck to see where the actual fluid level is. I've got no warning lights but as the reservoir isn't transparent enough, I cannot see where the fluid...
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    "Gritty" Paint

    So, either the local oak tree has decided this year is the year it drops sap (never noticed it before and car not directly under the tree) or my foolish plan to start waxing it and not stop even when the sun came out has resulted in something very bad! Either way - car feels fine when it's wet...
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    LED(?) Headlights Fix

    Popped to Audi today to have some vents/grommets fitted to rear of LED headlights to assist with ventilation and prevent misting up issues. I've not suffered from any problems but was called last week by dealer. Took about 30 mins for them to do whatever they did - Audi recall/fix number 94H9...
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    S3 - Traction, ABS and sliding

    OK, so I changed my tyres to Goodyear Eagle F1 AS2 and they are better than then supplied tyres but... Yesterday traffic lights changed in a 40 limit as I approached (I was doing 40) and whilst I could've gone through, it would've been marginal. So I applied the brakes - road a little greasy...
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    2015 Map Updates

    Are out - download and update now :D
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    S3 Windscreen

    Well, seems a stone impact at bottom of my screen (drivers' side) transformed into a 20+cm crack yesterday... Question is do I go though the hassle of replacing it (I will want Audi branded glass (comfort pack - acoustic glass, rain sensor, grey sunband thingy) and will the installers damage...
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    S3 - Understeering in wet

    So my S3 is definitely understeering in the wet too much - is this down to the rubbish Conti tyres or could it be something else? Tyre pressures are all fine (37PSI). I've noticed that the front is prone to slide out very easily (more so than my old nose heavy Golf V6) at moderate speeds when...
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    New Car - Questions

    So, I picked up my car less than 2 days ago, not really played with it (or driven it!) too much but rummaged through the menus (my, haven't cars got complicated since I last purchased one!!!). Anyway, couple of questions if anyone can assist: Music playback from SD card starts every time I...