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  1. the_muzza

    Anyone in the Epsom area like my S4 honeycomb fog light grills? Swap for standard

    I might be interested Russ. Have you got any pics of them? Doig
  2. the_muzza

    Help Please Audi S4 B8 wheel fitment

    I'm surprised at this. The stock S4 Rotor rims are 9J ET33 and youre putting 10J ET38 on so according to will they fit "Compared to your existing wheel, this new wheel will have an inner rim which is 17.7mm closer to the suspension strut. The outer rim will poke out 7.7mm more than before" I...
  3. the_muzza

    Help Please Rear diffuser change.

    I have swapped mine over. It's fairly straightforward however when you get to the area around the exhaust tips on the left hand side it's really easy to bend and crease the diffuser in that area as there isn't much rigidity to enable you to give it enough of a pull to get the tabs out. My advice...
  4. the_muzza

    wheel spacers

    Looking good Ian, but what is the width of your Wheels, as that will have an effect on the perceived offset
  5. the_muzza

    wheel spacers

    I put a post up with pics and a YouTube video here
  6. the_muzza

    wheel spacers

    Hi mate, like i said I run standard A5 black edition rotors. They are 19x9 ET33. Standard tyres 255/35/19
  7. the_muzza

    wheel spacers

    I have the equivalent of 16mm spacers on mine (A5 wheels, ET33 9J Vs ET43 8.5J) and it's fine. Thats on SLine suspension.
  8. the_muzza

    Audi Extended warranty - anyone done it?

    I have a 2011 2.0TFSi Black Edition Quattro and I did unlimited mileage no excess on 68k miles and it was around 600 for the year. Not had to make a claim as of yet, but it was the ALL COMPONENTS cover so don't envisage any issues. I was torn between all components and named components as the...
  9. the_muzza

    Bigger front brakes

    Gareth that looks amazing! Am I correct in saying they are the Audi cermqkc calipers? What car did they come off, especially with the 400mm discs? Many thanks
  10. the_muzza

    RS6 style grill with Audi rings? Pretty sure they do one for the B8.5k Can take the plateholder off if you want
  11. the_muzza

    What Wheel Sizes will fit my 2013 A5

    You're looking to put 21 inch wheels on your A5? You might struggle there. The third link lists the 20 inch wheels as 8.5J ET35. The standard A5 19 inch rotor wheels are 9J ET33 so you're already making your offset weaker by around 8mm which is no Bueno. is a useful site to...
  12. the_muzza

    Help Please Will these wheels fit a B8.5 S4?

    I also have A5 rotors on my A4. Standard S-Line suspension. I put a post up with some pics and a video here Before shot
  13. the_muzza

    My little project......

    Hi mate, looking good. Where did you get the splitter from? Really like the look of it
  14. the_muzza

    B8 S4 mmi hidden menu

    No you need the Carista dongle and app or VCDS to enable the hidden green screen. The button hold combo to axcess the green menu won't work unless you enable it
  15. the_muzza

    Mutant Audi A4 B8.5 > What kind of sorcery is this?

    Interior pics are of an A6 and you can see from the door shuts that it's a Daytona grey car from the looks of it. Must have mixed the images up
  16. the_muzza

    Brembo colour choice .

    Yellow for me. Looks awesome on a black car and something a bit different to standard red
  17. the_muzza

    Illuminated door sills, not sure I like em ....... or do I??

    Dunno about anyone else but my heart was skipping beats watching him open the door with a metal chisel in his hand and then using it to prise the sill plates off :wtf:
  18. the_muzza

    Facelift Audi S3 Facelift Insurance at 21 one year NCB

    Probably not what you want to hear, but my suggestion is to save the money you'll be paying each month on a PCP (probably at least 400) and get a cheaper car and save up for a house! An S3 and insurance at your age over 3 years will cost you at least 20k, that's a deposit on a house! Amazes me...
  19. the_muzza

    My S4 thread

    That is truly awful. I hope those ******** carry the shame of that til their dying day
  20. the_muzza

    Carista App

    Yes mate pretty sure i had to add mine via the green screen for it to show in the mmi. I've just come out to the car and had a look for you and you do need to do it on the green screen. If you have WhatsApp i just made a quick video for you showing you how to do it I'll happily send it to you.