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    VAGCOM support for 2017 Audi Model? does it still work

    Hi Peeps! I cant find the answer to this anyway so I do apologise if its duplicated I have an audi a5 2011 model, vcds has never let me down ! how ever I want to switch to a Q5 2017 Model + and wondered if the rosstech/vcds cables worked for this just as they did for the older models. I have...
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    Audi A5 2.0TDI 178BHP - To remap...or not to remap

    ADvice needed! i have been quoted £270 from ELITE in leeds??? is that good bad...worth doing...or cause more damage then good?
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    Audi A3 Service milage not resetting on VAGCOM

    Hi I have searched high and low for an answer on this I had my car service at 89,000 miles..... service milage reset fine. Now its ats 100k and has just been serviced, the garage said they had difficulty resetting the service milage on it, these guys have done plenty of services before for...