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  1. Quattro Daz

    Whats the best vcds to buy

    Got quotes for doing the brakes on my b8 quattro audi want £700 I don't think so Halford want £500 for brakes 4 life err no So figured I'd do it myself and buy vcds for handbrake so my question is . Is there a stand alone unit that will do this like the snapon unit As I don't really want...
  2. Quattro Daz

    Any one used pendle remaps

    Hi th performance have just moved into the estate where I work spoke to the guy and he does a pendle performance map for my 3.0 tdi quattro from 240 -300 bhp and torque from 500 to 595 and will do me a good rate for it has anyone had any experience with pendle maps Should I go for it or...
  3. Quattro Daz

    What mmi do I have for ipod

    Trying to work out what mmi I have so I can connect an ipod car has bang and olufson system with colour screen six disc in dash changer sat nav rear camera but it's a 2008 see pic of version Please help I'm a bit confused
  4. Quattro Daz

    Hi newbie audi owner

    Hi I'm new to the forum just got an a4 b8 3.0 tdi quattro and absolutely loving it will post pics as soon as I work out how Quattro Daz