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  1. J

    Meguiars Super Degreaser

    where did u order the degreaser from??
  2. J

    Interior window cleaning

    i use AutoGlym's fast glass which is excellent and for the showroom gleam, i use AutoGlym's glass polish!!
  3. J

    i cant believe it....

    ill try to keep this as short as possible but i had this annoying problem with my car recently where it was very hesitant and gradual in accelerating and after every gear change, the car would jerk a little.. and when running at idle speeds, the engine was not constantly smooth at tick over...
  4. J

    Five Door A3

    now now, i have one myself!! :eiertritt:
  5. J

    Disaster! A3 Cam belt failed but not snapped

    does the 25.26 include VAT?:think: