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    RNSe Disc Read Error

    Hi, I've been having a problem with 'read errors' when trying to use my navigation. The disc I'm using is a 'backup' copy which is not in perfect condition so I'm assuming this is the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a 2010 backup copy they'd be willing to...
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    How to remove climate control panel..

    Whilst installing my parrot Bluetooth I managed to drop an inline fuse into the back of the dash where my RNS-e sits. I think it's fallen down behind the climate control panel ..... the problem is it rattles all the time and it's driving me mad :mad: Does anyone have any pictures showing...
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    Tyre Choice..

    Guys, My A3 is due a new set of boots on the front. I've found with the S line suspension that the ride is very firm and there is an awful lot of road noise. Can anyone recommend a tyre that is a little quieter and maybe has a softer ride? or am i being a little anal!
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    Check Oil Level.

    Last night on the way home the oil light came on. The light is question is the yellow oil can with "min" next to it. Once home I checked the level and it was low. I popped to my local Halfords and purchased some castrol edge oil. I topped it up with about 3/4 litre of oil. This was allowed to...
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    A3 Rear Parking Sensor Kit - Price?

    Hi, I'm looking to install the above kit to my 08 Audi A3 3dr Sline. I couldn't see it on the Audi website but apparenlty you do this. How much for the kit including VAT and Delivery.. How much for the Spray paint can? Thanks
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    Parking Sensors.

    I'm looking for some advice on a parking sensor retrofit. I've had a search but I didn't really come up with much. Is it a possible to retrofit? Do audi sell an oem fit? Are there any after market ones that are recommended? I had these on my old car and miss them..
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    Hi All, I thought it was about time I’d join up and say hello. I've just picked up my Audi A3. It’s a 08 plate A3 TDI 170 S- line. I'd recently decided to move over from the world of BMW, where I’d been for the last few years. And I have to say I’m very pleased to be back. My recent car...