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    S3 Induction Kit

    Im looking to change my standard filter on my S3 for a performance one, ive had a look on K&N and green cotton both dont have these, the only one i can find is Forge but thats for a whole CAI. Does any one make the replacement filters?
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    I was looking at a revo remap, i think there a bit pricey at £500. Is there a group buy for these? thx andy
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    S3 Steering wheel

    Does any body no how much i would get for a S3 steering wheel as im looking to change mine for the flat bottom one?
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    I picked up my S3 on friday and very happy with it, the car came with the bluetooth phone prep but not sat nav. i want to put a audi sat nat/tv unit in and seen some on ebay, which is the best one to get and is it hard to fit? thx
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    Launch control

    Im picking up my 8P S3 on friday and wanted to no if these came with a built in lauch control system??
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    vag com

    i have a 2004 audi a3 2.0tdi the mil light came on and i got it checked by a vag com and the error message is sayin "throttle actuator control motor circuit open" i spoke to a audi dealer and they said they would have to run there own checks, does any know what the problem could be?? thanks
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    I have a Audi A3 and was just woundering if people put wider tyres on the back and thinner on the front?? i.e 225/40/18 on the front and 235/40/18 on the back?? would this help handling?
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    S3 vs Cupra (306bhp)

    Just looking on Piston heads and it seems the S3 has a lot of competiton now. Seat are producing a 306bhp cupra!! For the same price as the Audi S3. Will people leave the S3 to go for this?? :ermm:
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    Problem with windows

    Hi every one, i have a big problem with my windows at the moment i have a 2004 2L tdi A3, last night i had my windows half down working fine one mintute, the next they have just packed up and stop working completley!!! So i cant do them up or lock the car, i have checked the fuse for the front...
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    Wing mirror

    Hi all, parked my car down my friends road and unfortunately some one has taken my drivers wing mirror clean off :mad:!. Does any body know how to take the wing mirror completely off as in pictorial?? and the best place to buy a new one, as i can imagine Audi been very expensive?? Thanks
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    1.8 se engine life?

    Hi guys just a quick question my friend is looking to buy a 1.8 se with 122,000 miles on the clock but the car has been serviced regular, with recent cam belt and oil change. how long do these engines last for until they start to have problems or die??
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    Retro fitting lights or blades

    i currently had a 2004 se, i would like to put fog lamps in or the blades instead of the black plastic cover. I have looked through the threads but cant find any pictures on how do the wiring, i would like the switch next to the traction control button because at the moment its blanked off! can...
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    Just a quick question, i was looking to get my car chipped/rempapped by revo or get a bluefin for the A3 tdi (140), how ever my friend had a fabia vrs (went from 130 to 180bhp) and the turbo blown twice ending up with a new engine! are the audi engines able to cope with the extra power as i...
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    My A3

    Here is my 2004 53 plate A3 2.0 tdi got it with factory kit, arm rest, cd player upgrade and 40,000miles on the clock not bad, the only problem is that its a SE model i really wanted a sport model but couldnt find one with the factory kit on it, so im going to change the springs and wheels soon...
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    A4 2.5TDI CAB

    Hi im looking to buy a A4 convertible its a 2.5 TDI auto, the car has covered 92,000 miles, is there anything i should look for before i part with my money? thanks
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    170 Question

    I went to look at some A3 tdi's at the weekend, i found one which the owner said it was a 170bhp model, but having typing the reg into the insurance web site its saying the car is 140bhp model, how do i know if the car is a 170?? the car is on a 04 plate. Thanks
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    A3 Trim

    Hi guys, im lookin at buyin a 2.0 tdi A3 at the weekend, i have seen a nice black but it has the wood trim, can this been changed to black or a different colour?? if so is it easy to do??:think: Thanks