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    lowering my 3.0 quattro sport

    first off has anyone got supersport springs on there car?? are they any good?? i can get these for my car for a very good price but not sure on the brand so feed back would be good. also how low have you guys lowered you A4 i was looking at getting some 35mm springs and would like to see how...
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    Big prob flat battery + drivers lock buggered = no entry to my A4

    was sitting in my living room next thing i hear my alarm going off in the car so goes out and tries to open the car with the fob with no joy next thing the alarm goes off and stays off so next i try the key in the driver lock which i find the key only goes in half way and no further :wtf:i have...
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    19' tyres

    hi guys i have been offered 4 235/35/19 goodyears for a great price will thes be ok on my 8.5x19 geniune audi alloys?? will i have any issues putting these on my 03 plate 3.0 quattro sport?? also if i lower the car??
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    Pics Of Your Lowered B6

    Hi i now have my 19s sorted but before i put them on i am going to lower my car but unsure how much to lower it :think: could you guys post pics up of yours with wheel size,how much your car is lowered and what suspensiion setup you are running :rockwoot: Chris:friends:
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    A Few Questions

    Hi guys just bought myself some new rims for the A4 they are a genuine set of Audi alloys 19x8.5 all round. Looking to get a set of tyres on them but looking to go for a slight strech on these so looking for a bit of advice on what tyre size i should be looking at going for?? I am also going...
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    Alloy Wheel Help

    looking to put new wheels on my A4 2003 Quattro (b6) seen wheels i like and they are staggered fittment fronts are 8.5x19 and the rears are 9.5x19 anyone one know how they how they will be in the arch's?? dont want them sitting out by the arch and also dont want any rubbing can anyone help???
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    alloy wheel help

    Hello needinga wee bit of help i am currently looking for a set of 19s for my a4 and swaying towards rs4's but seen other wheels i really like in staggered fitment fronts are 8.5x19 and the rears are 9.5x19 how will these fit under the arch's?? dont want any rubbing at all and also want to lower...
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    audio 3 plug??

    i have cahnged my headunit to a dvd headunit can you get a 3 plug adaptor?? the current one i have just now is only a 2 plug and leaves a plug unused and i only get sound through my front speakers :motz: Chris
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    coilovers + Bumper clips help.

    Looking into getting coilovers for my 3.0 but cant seem to find many places that list them its most of the smaller engines they list :motz: has anyone put coilovers on there 3.0 ?? if so what setup make did you get?? can anyone helpwheres best to buy them from?? Also a clip from my front bumper...
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    New Headunit problem

    Hi i'v decided to put a 7' moterised screen with built in dvd/cd/radio so set about it all was fine just plug and play although there was 3 plugs for my standard audi headunit and so i new i would lose my dash display where it told you what station/track number you where on which didnt bother...
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    new headlights

    looking for new headlights for my 03 plate wheres best to buy these??or has anyone gotany spare if they have changed to angel eye headlamps?? how good are the angeleyes heard they are prone to leak??
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    led sidelights prob

    Trying to fit these to my 03 plate to freshin up the front lights with my hids but they just flash on and off is there anyway round this to get them to work??
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    Sidelight problem.

    Hello, having just bought my A4 my sidelights and headlights are very yellow and dull so thought i would buy myself some white/blue sidelight leds and am going to get an hid ki for my headlights. Heres the problem when i fitted the led sidelights when i switch them on they come on for a few...