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    Honest opinions.

    Might look to sell my a4 as we dont really use it anymore. I dont have a clue how much it is worth. 2004 1.8t avant sline. Dolphin grey. light pack/cool box/black roof lining etc 115k Full service history/cam belt changed/all aux belts and rollers changed etc. 12mts MOT etc. So if anybody...
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    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    I had only checked the coolant the day before i lost it. I check the oil and coolant weekly and have never needed to top up the coolant. And as said in the earlier post the coolant has not moved since monday. Thanks for the advice with the tensioner, I thought it looks simple enough to do-...
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    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Well, the rac guy told me to monitor it over the next few days. I have done and it hasnt moved. I dont know what has been going on! But even though it hasnt moved I will still worry when I need to make a big journey... and here was me thinking that buying an...
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    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    Thanks for the replies guys. The RAC guy came out and filled the tank up with about 1litre of water. He did all the road side tests for head gasket failure (bubbles in fluid & water in oil etc). which he said was ok. He said he cant see any leaks and that it might be that the cap was not on...
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    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    Bub, which pipes do you mean - there is a black metal pipe and then a bronze thinner pipe both running parallel to the head. Is it one of these. Im calling the RAC in morn to tow me to a garage i just dont want to get done over! Thanks for the help though.
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    Cant believe it! - Advice needed.

    Afternoon everybody. Just got out to car this morn & warning light came on for coolant. Lifted bonnet and there is no coolant in the bottle at all! There is no white gunk on oil filler cap, but after checking with a torch there is lots of coolant down right hand side of engine (above and...
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    Yet another coil pack failure + Knocking sound

    Cheers for the reply Juss. I was so p***ed off with the coil packs i just chucked them in a skip! I was driving pretty slow under 50mph etc in 6th. My other half has just said that she heard a tapping sound coming from the engine when idleing about a week ago, but it only lasted a min or...
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    Yet another coil pack failure + Knocking sound

    Really peed off, I was on my way to get my car taxed between appointments at work (ran out yesterday!), before I got to the post office my car started juddering and the engine light started flicking. I new instantly another coil pack had failed ( my first coil pack failed about 6wks ago ) so i...
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    A4 clutch biting point - high?

    Sorry to hijack this thread but does anybody know the approximate cost of replacing the clutch on this car? Thanks
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    2008 Scirocco

    I saw one on sunday, they look really good in the flesh. I was supprised how wide they are from the back. Me thinks much nicer than a mark v golf gti!
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    A4 B6 TDI to B7 RS4 Conversion

    It’s funny to see how people have reacted to this thread. This was obviously done with clever marketing in mind. The company are banding around cost figures etc, if this was done for marketing purposes, this project would have been cleverly documented within their companies accounts so it will...
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    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Just to put my 2 peneth in. We changed our golf gt tdi 130 2003 last year to the 190 avant we own now. I chose the FWD version as I think 190 bhp is not too much for a FWD, the car still fees sure footed (even in the wet) this will obviously depend on your driving technique & the tyres you...
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    look!! Full RS4 Factory Styling! What a joke.
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    My first coil pack failure.

    On the petrol variant - take off the engine cover and there they are, 1 on the top of each cylinder.Just pull them off the spark plug, disconnect from the cable and replace. Really easy 1 min job. you'd be fine.
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    My first coil pack failure.

    As it says on the tin. Spirited driving & then it felt like i was setting off in 6th. Its quite worrying as you always fear the worst. Quick scan & error stated that there was misfire on cylinder 2. Luckily there was the Bradford Audi within walking distance so bought 1 (made sure it was...
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    My S5

    Yeah why did he get rid. You must lose some serious money by buying new then selling in a month!?
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    Cheap finance available on my car!!

    Looks nice, good deal. Looks as though we are defo in the credit crunch.
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    This weekends "work"

    I thought people mod their cars to get attention. I think it looks good, if you like it thats all that matters. Good luck at the show.
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    i've got the car!

    on the concert the button should be out, the last owner has pushed it too hard. The same happened with mine about a week ago.
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    Oh What A Month - Head, Turbo Help?

    It sounds like it, your turbo was starved of oil when the oil pump went, you can send your turbo away to get a refurb, search the net for details.