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  1. Hairy Ballbag

    Paint Code... Help!

    I need to find the paint code for my R reg 2.8Q but can't find it anywhere on the car. 1. Where can I find it, or, 2. Does anyone know the code for my car? The colour is that blue/purple metallic colour that changes from blue to purple in the sun. I think it was only as an optional extra at...
  2. Hairy Ballbag

    VW Golf - Duff Braking!

    The Mrs has a '97 MK3 Cabriolet 1.8 8v and getting into it from the comfort of my 2.8 A4 Quattro, was decidedly worried my dearest was driving around in a car that you have to bury the brake pedal into the floor mat to halt the thing. The front discs are EBC, pads are EBC green stuff and the...
  3. Hairy Ballbag

    Lowered 2.8Q - Wheel sizes, please...

    I've lowered my 2.8Q saloon by 35mm and it's on the standard 16" Audi wheels. I want some nicer hoops, but I've had 18's before on my old 2.8 Coupe and the tyres were expensive. Would 17's with a 45 profile tyre fit with the drop? Second Q is, is it even worth putting 17's on, or are 18's...
  4. Hairy Ballbag

    Bin Day

    It's bin day, very quiet early in the morning and the most helpful bin men in the country are doing their rounds when one of them spots someone's forgotten to put their bin out after the old bank holiday changes... Going out of his way, the bin man knocks on the door and a small chinese man...
  5. Hairy Ballbag

    2.8 30v Quattro Engine problem

    Has anyone else experienced and found the cause of this problem... Car won't start up, bit like the engine's flooded. Battery hangs around 8v and after around 20 seconds of turning over, the car starts and then cuts out. Repeat again and pump the accelerator and the car starts. It then revs...
  6. Hairy Ballbag

    A4 B5 Chassis - Sandard Speaker Sizes?

    Hi, I am looking to change the speakers in my A4 as the Bose ones probably get fried by my amps from my previous car... (4 x 150w RMS @ 4 ohms) Does anyone know the standard speaker sizes and more inmportantly, what mounting depth you can get away with in the front? I'd guess the fronts are...
  7. Hairy Ballbag

    Baby Polar Bear

    Baby Polar Bear walks up to mummy Polar bear one morning and asks her, "Mummy, am I really a Polar Bear?" Mum replies, "Yes! I'm a Polar Bear, so is your dad. You are a Polar Bear." "OK" he replied and walked off. Next morning, baby Polar Bear walks up to daddy Polar Bear and asks him...
  8. Hairy Ballbag

    Chav Dating (Over 18's only!)

    Q. What's a good place to take a Chave girl on the 1st date? A. Up the A*se!
  9. Hairy Ballbag

    Mickey Mouse Gets Divorced

    Mickey Mouse goes to see his solicitor regards divorcing Minnie, he goes into the office and asks his solicitor, "Hey, What's going on with the divorce? I've herard nothing for weeks!" "I'm sorry, Mr. Mouse" he replied, "We sent you a letter saying it had been binned - we're not continuing...
  10. Hairy Ballbag

    Jeses Goes to the Job Centre

    A joke from the 'New Boy'... hope it's not a repeat! One day, Jesus decides to come back to Earth but due to recent rises in house prices and council charges, he goes down the town centre to find work. The man in the Job Centre asks him, "What skills do you have?" Jesus replies, "Well, I...
  11. Hairy Ballbag

    Horrible Noise! Steering Rack or Pump?

    My 2.8 Quattro makes a horrible noise when cold! It's steering related but I don't know if it's the pump or the rack... Whiney noise that's kind'a rev related but not coming from the engine. Steering squeels and farts when the wheels are turned but makes no noise on full lock. When the car's...
  12. Hairy Ballbag

    Ultimate Playground Fight... Megadrive or SNES?

    What was your early 90's weapon of choice? I'm a Megadrive man - still got one at home plugged into the 37" LCD... Can't keep my mates away! Might bung one in my A4... Keepin' it Old Skool
  13. Hairy Ballbag

    A4 2.8 Quattro 30v - Engine Mods?

    Hi, you probably get this all the time but I've just bought a 2.8 Quattro on an 'R and wondered what mods I can do engine wise? I would like increased BHP / better MPG. Engine is standard but I have just got a K&N induction kit. Has anyone used Irridium plugs? Do they make any difference...