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  1. Nath.S4

    Nath's B9 S4 Saloon Thread

    Basically thought I'd make this to give me a place to flood you all with pictures and give you all my thoughts on car as I live with it for the next 2years. So arrival day: After thinking I'd be waiting all day for the car to come from Eastbourne the guy called and asked if he can get to me...
  2. Nath.S4

    Playing videos on MMI

    Hi does anyone know if it's possible to play videos from iPhone/iPad (YouTube, Netflix, catch up tv etc) on the mmi. I don't want to watch while driving before I get accused haha, the reason is I occasionally have to sit and wait for a while in between jobs and when picking the Mrs up. Would...
  3. Nath.S4

    No black pack :(

    So Last week I got sent a email saying I can track my order etc, bit late as it's due next week. When I went on the tracker etc I noticed there was no black pack, so on Friday I emailed lease company to tell them and they just got back to me today confirming it's not got it. There now...
  4. Nath.S4

    S4 service plan

    So I'm just cancelling my current ford service plan, i was paying them £25 per month and i haven't had the service done before i cancelled they have told me they will refund me what I've paid. So i was wondering if any current S4 owners have taken one out with there dealer ? and if so how much...
  5. Nath.S4

    Newbie I'm coming back to Audi ;)

    Hi I'm Nath new to this, from East Yorkshire. We have just found out that we have a baby on the way so as of tomorrow my loved fiesta st has to go to make room for a 5 door :( But the silver lining is I ordered the new S4 about a month ago and hoping to take delevey between now and march. Glad...