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    Hey People, I have a Mk1 (8L) Audi A3 which I love. But the Audio lets it down, I have the standard head unit (Which I'm happy with since adding the little adapter at the back so I can use my Ipod etc). But... I would like it a little (a lot) louder and more BASS BASS BASS :eyebrows: My...
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    A3 MK1 Suspension/Shock issue.

    Hi People, Apparently my A3 (Mk1/8L) the suspension/shocks are going :( I have a friend who can fit parts for fair rates but how much are the parts going to cost me? If it's too much I'm thinking maybe it wont be worth doing as the car is quite old already (1999). I've just shelled out on...
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    New Alloys FINALLY

    Finally got myself some new alloys. Some of you may know I bought some off FLEA'BAY' before which arrived to be not as advertised at all so went through the whole refund paypal decision route and it took agessssssss. But yeah all sorted now! Treated myself to some Rs8 replica's 19" and got a...
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    What does this dash light mean?

    I've never had any problems with my 1999 A3 except for a screaching noise sometimes on start up which I was told it normal and a common things with A3's of this age. However, lately sometimes when I try and turn the ignition on the car doesn't start first time. It usually starts after 2nd...
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    Had a little knock today :(

    I had a little knock today and lost me passengers side mirror, just the glass, luckily the rest of the unit is ok. Wheres the best place to get a cheap replacement that can be sent out asap sort of thing? Cheers
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    Hello boys,

    Hello boys, Will wheels as following fit on my 1999 A3? Stud Diameter: 100 Rim Width: 7.5J Rim Diameter: 17 Number of Studs: 5 Cheers :beee:
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    A3 8L 1999 Wheel fitment questions.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to put new alloys on my A3. It currently has factory issued 15's that look like pepper-pots that once upon came on the XR2's! I have no idea about alloys/wheel fitment. Can someone advise me what alloys I can get that will fit? I'd like something larger 16's to 18's. I'm...
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    Wheel fitment

    Hey people. I have an A3 99 plate. Looking for new alloys, nothing too jazzy just something bigger. Will 8.5x18" 5 spoke alloys with 245/40/18 tyres. Stud pattern is PCD 5x112 with an offset of ET24 fit without any sort of adjustment to the spring? Thanks in advance, MJ
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    XCARLINK How hard is it to fit one of these Gizmo's? Into an Audi A3 99 plate. Currently have just a tape deck standard HU but want to use my ipod without using the dreaded cassete adapter with the fiddly temperamental wire. Is there drilling involved? Could a noob fit this? Any FAQ's or...
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    AUDI CONCERT PLUS Do these HU's still suffer from the volume issue like the regular audi concert HU's?
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    Ok guys I'm having HU issues with standard HU in Audi A3 1.8s 1999 plate. I have the volume issue that from what I've read seems very common. So I found a company (from another thread of this forum) that will reprogramme it and send it back for 140gbp inclusive. This work is guaranteed for 2...
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    A3 1999 1.8s ** AUDIO HELP NEEDED**

    Hey people. I recently bought an Audi A3 1.8s. I love the car but the headset is awful and doing my head in. Its the standard type but is damaged so deffo needs to be changed... It looks huge in size, if I buy a standard headset will it fit in? or will i have to buy new surround trim or...