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    Mk5 gti chassis vs 8p 2.0t sline differences?

    Hi Is there any differences chassis wise between the 2 cars? As I would have thought they'd be identical and all suspension parts would be inter changeable? I'm in the market for a mk5 gti you see and I used to have a A3 dsg sline all be it in diesel guise so i was wondering if it was...
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    Which stereo for A3 8P must be double DIN to replace Dynavin a3

    Hi All, Im after some help choosing a new stereo for my a3. The car came with a Dynavin A3 unit which seems to do anything you want want a stereo to do but badly! Its getting right on my t*ts. The replacement needs to be: Double DIN Light up Red Ipod connectivity Blutooth Not cost more that...
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    DMF dual mass flywheel on BKD dsg

    My flywheels on its way out and my car sounds like it belongs on a farm yard! I have found a garage locally that will fit one for pictures of the queens face (cash in hand) as long as I supply the parts. What parts do i need? just the DMF or is there any seals or other bits and bobs that are...