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  1. PaulC1988

    Should I debadge my car? (Poll)

    Black rings
  2. PaulC1988

    Xtron single din touch screen

    Thanks. Only other thing is I have a parrot blutooth system installed already and would like to keep that but dont know if and how it would connect up
  3. PaulC1988

    Badge Change

    That's what I'm talking about
  4. PaulC1988

    Badge Change

    Still got the silver lettering to take off
  5. PaulC1988

    Phone case

    Picked this badboy up on ebay. Dont look like a fanboy at all lol
  6. PaulC1988


  7. PaulC1988


    Haha cheers buddy
  8. PaulC1988


    Hi Im looking to buy a touch up primer/paint pen for my A3. Halfords do a laser red or brilliant red. Am I right in thinking its brilliant red? Not only that wheres the best place to get one as we all know halfords are robbing bast*rds Thanks in advance Paul
  9. PaulC1988

    5x112 Black 18" alloys with tyres

    Hi has anyone got any 5x112 black 18" alloys with tyres? My budget is about £300 Thanks Paul
  10. PaulC1988

    Paying for Sex.

    Now that is grumpy! lol and what sort of memory do you have?! Can you remember the time and date? lol
  11. PaulC1988

    admin can some on contact me please

    I joined the forum a couple of weeks ago and it's also been on and off for me :)
  12. PaulC1988

    Android XBMC tv box

    I've got XBMC on both a raspberry pi and a laptop. Its a bit of a flaky system to use. Lots of dead links etc
  13. PaulC1988


    Aha a man after my own heart! Snake oil is harsh for dripping man! Heavy pg.
  14. PaulC1988


    Bahaha ok thanks. Thank god for the internet and other people who have a clue on the other side of it!
  15. PaulC1988


    Ah ok thanks. Ive just read somewhere else its 5x100?
  16. PaulC1988


    Ok so I'm a complete noob when it comes to wheels. Havent got a clue about fittings etc. Ive seen a set of 19" kahn wheels that are going cheap. They have a 4x108 fitting. So...... Question 1. Will they fit my a3 8p? Question 2. How much am i looking at tyres to fit the wheels. Cheap tyres...
  17. PaulC1988

    Is this suspicious?

    Keep looking
  18. PaulC1988

    Sunglasses holder?

    Just ordered 2, cheers haha. Worth a go for the money